6 Remarkable Benefits Of Strength Training That Will Make You Start Right Away

By Vanshika

Mar 23, 20234 mins read

6 Remarkable Benefits Of Strength Training That Will Make You Start Right Away

When you hear the words ‘strength training’, or ‘weight training’, what comes to your mind? Does the thought of lifting weights scare you? Do you think it will drain you out? Or hurt you? Many think lifting weights will make them bulky or would do   more harm than good. No wonder weights have a bad reputation! While these are some serious concerns, they couldn't be farther from the truth! If you’re scared of lifting weights, we get it. We have a lot of resources available to change your mind about weights. And let us tell you - you’ll be missing out on a lot of health benefits weights have to offer if you say no to weight training! Weight lifting or strength training is the ultimate solution to all your physical and mental issues. It not only strengthens your body but also helps keep your mental health in check. Let’s see how strength training helps you with that.

6 Undeniable Benefits Of Strength Training

1. Helps curtail excessive weight gain

                     Strength training speeds up your metabolism - increasing muscle mass is what strength training is all about. When your body is at rest, it burns more calories due to the additional energy it requires. You digest food faster when you do that. Rather than storing excess fat, you burn off the energy you consume after eating. Strength training is also a great way to maintain this level of metabolism, and therefore easier to maintain weight.

2. Keeps your cardiovascular and joint health at its peak

                     Research shows a 23% reduction in coronary heart disease if you strength train for at least 30 minutes. Lifting weights will help you unload the weight on your overall cardiovascular system. It gets your heart rate up to healthy levels and eases stress on your cardiovascular system - sometimes, more than regular cardio exercises can. Not just your heart, but strength training can also improve your joint health. With age, your joints lose the ‘cushion’ that keep them sliding over your bones. When you lift weights, these muscles gain strength over time, ultimately keeping your joints healthy and pain-free.

3. Beat the blues


If your daily grind has you feeling depressed and blue, then strength training is the ideal remedy. The best way to ‘beat the blues’ is to engage in a strength training routine that suits you. You’re sure to feel energetic and powerful after every training session! Lift those weights and watch how you go from feeling fatigued to fabulous! When you strength train, your brain releases certain chemicals called ‘endorphins’ that charge up your mood and boost your energy levels.

4. Makes your muscles grow stronger

In resistance  training, you’re constantly exerting pressure on your muscles, ultimately making them stronger. It strengthens and tones your muscles as it involves a full range of motion. Cardio can’t compete with strength training when it comes to building and maintaining muscle mass. Strength training is definitely the most effective method for building muscle.

5. Great exercise for your mental muscles


You may think that strength training only has physical benefits but it’s also great for your mental health. With strength training, you’re constantly in tune with your mind and body - your focus is on the work you are doing, how you are feeling - constantly checking in with your body to gauge your progress. This establishes a great mind-body connection. It also drops the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body, bringing down any amount of stress you’re feeling.

6. Adds more days to your life

The secret to longevity lies in your muscles. When you have stronger muscles, you’re more likely to age slower as you get stronger. The ageless/ age-defying effects of weightlifting triumphs over most other forms of exercises. Because science has some strong evidence in favor of strength training decreasing mortality rates. It’s time to stop living a sedentary life and add more years to your life. If you are still unsure, here are some pro tips for you to get started         

  • Always strength train under the guidance of a certified trainer who understands your requirements, pays heed to your concerns and tracks your progress.              
  • Don’t be in a hurry while  lifting weights. Patience and safety are priorities.            
  • Warming up before weightlifting is always a good idea as it gets your heart pumping and gets your muscles primed, thereby helping you train better.          
  • Include exercises that focus on speed, endurance, and mobility in your workout.  

A Final Word

Overthinking often keeps you from enjoying the benefits of strength training. But, once you start to FEEL the change, there is nothing that will keep you away! Incorporating strength training into your daily routine is the secret to living a happy and healthy life. It's so much more than just building muscles, it makes you stronger and better. For life! Now that we have got you raring to go, why not get in touch with us today? We will show you how soon you can get started on your own strength training journey!

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