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Whether it is The Quad @ Chennai in Chennai or QuadVirtual for people all over the world, we’ve worked with 7000+ people everyday in 4 locations inside Chennai, and across 25+ cities worldwide, helping them fall in love with fitness, strength and the pursuit of health. Take a few minutes to go through this page and hear what they have to say about their experience, their journey and their successes. And we hope they inspire you to come and experience The Quad. Because all it takes is just that one moment of inspiration for action. You got this!
Malavika Rajagopalan

I have crazy job shifts but this program was so easy to follow despite that. Not only did I lose weight, but learnt to eat healthy which made me feel so much better.


The Quad has been the best thing to have happened to be in 2021. No exaggerations there. Thanks to the way the entire programme is planned, I literally go to sleep looking forward to next day’s class.

John V Bhaskar

Straightforward, no-nonsense and with a deep abiding passion towards fitness, as a life-goal; you can see that they (QuadSquad) are in it for much more than just monetary reasons.

Shabeena Thahseen

Professional approach, personal attention, constant encouragement, a variety of exercises to keep me excited and far from monotony… With the help of the physiotherapist, my knee pain completely vanished and I lost oodles of weight in the process (14kgs to be precise).

Chaithali Prasad

I couldn’t have achieved my personal best in my 10K nor could have done so well at the hilly half marathon. After my long runs, I keep waiting for that soreness, that fatigue to kick in..but it doesn’t anymore.

What makes The Quad different?

It seems like there is quite a heavy analysis on you what your abilities are, and they work with you to give you specific guidance that pushes you to progress. It’s great to see this in a group setting!

Aishwarya V

I felt like my eating was a bit out of order and I needed some help getting things back on track, and that’s exactly what the program did for me! For me, the program really helped bring back awareness to what and how much I needed to eat everyday.

Anusha K S

My Coach and me share a very special bond and she’s there for me anytime and everytime. She not only helps me pick myself up, she knows when to put me in my place. I love this about her. I would for sure recommend this program for anyone looking to make a change to their lifestyle.

Kuchalambal Agadi

The Quad coaches set high standards. They are willing (and importantly trained) to work with you to perfect the basics…

Sristi Patodia
Today I believe in strength training over everything else. I believe in women being strong, in being able to change the 20 litre water can with grace and in the blink of an eye. Building strength has now become the very essence of my fitness goal.
The Quad in One Word

Fun. Professional. Gender Neutral. Freedom. Awesome. Me-time. Addictive. Sensational. Holistic. Focus on details. Undivided attention. Personalised Group Fitness. Salvation. Strength. Challenging. Life-Changing.

Arvind S

I have been training here for the last two quarters and I’m fitter than what I was a decade ago… The team of coaches exhibit thorough professionalism and expertise in what they do.

Shivakumar Narayanan
“Every time my daughter grows a year older, I want to be able to pick her up and run (play), that’s why – The Quad.”
Shekar Subramanian
What did I get from The Quad? Nearly 35 kgs of weight loss and the simple joy of being able to shop for clothes at a regular store. But more importantly I am stronger, healthier and have become super conscious about what I eat, how I sleep and how I react to stressful situations.
Vani Vemparala

“If I was to choose one word (to describe The Quad), I would choose gender equity. A lot of people would say professional, and it is. But this is most important to me.”

Pavithra and Ram

Such personalised attention, honest feed back and incredible patience of the coaches in fixing your form and encouraging you to take that next step beyond your comfort zone, evokes immense trust and thats what drives us to show up regularly and put in our best.

What is The Quad All About?
“Community. Progress. Fun. Camaraderie. Addictive. Life-changing. The Quad is all about YOU! And that’s why, #iamthequad”
Sivakumar Achanta
“They know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, which is very important. The attention (given) to each client is very important, because everybody is not built the same way.”
Deepa Kaliyur
With a gym and fitness instructor sprouting every second, you may wonder what makes The Quad stand out. You start to realise and appreciate the importance and effectiveness of structured training. They are non-judgemental while analysing your strengths and shortcomings.
Lakshmi Kruti Vasan
“I was hooked, from the first time I started. What I like about The Quad is there is a feeling that we are a group, and that all of us are growing together physically and emotionally, and the feel of the community that we have.”
Rukmini Devi
Imagine the blessing being coached by the best coaches the universe can offer and also to be working out with a group of beautiful minded people! The Quad is my meditation.. if you don’t believe me do yourself a favour by coming over! The Quad resurrected me, makes me live.
Anish Raju
“I’ve been a cubicle dweller for the past 15 years, and in the last 2 years I’ve only done stuff that I’ve dreamed of. I’ve done a 100km trail walk.. I’ve climbed a mountain that is 6100 metres.. my schedule, my habits, my sleep, my food, everything is dictated by The Quad. That’s how they have changed my life, thank you folks! You rock.”
Abhishek Bharathkumar

Call it “me time”, dedication, discipline or whatever, The Quad just blends all of these!

Venkat Krishnan

“I’ve been a different person the last few years… My batch and I share so much in terms of camaraderie, competition, fun. I can’t visualise life without The Quad…”

Vasanti Ramesh

The Quad is an addiction! I have made some really great friends, my energy levels are Duracell-ic and my mobility has improved by leaps and bounds.

Sabarmathi Sankar

Each day is a surprise with new routines, workouts and finishers. I have overcome my fears about exercise and fitness.. Thanks to The Quad for changing my life!

Sathiya Vedamurthi

A year ago, my wife asked me what was so special about The Quad that I kept going without fail. I encouraged her to experience it herself. And now, she’s addicted to The Quad! We are waiting for our son to turn 7 so that he can join QuadPlay, and become a complete Quad Family!

Mathangi Venkataraman

This is the first place I am looking forward to going every day. It rains, it pours and surprise, I don’t want to take off. I come to a class full of enthusiasts. This must be the eighth wonder!

Roberto Peters

I used to have severe back pain. So severe that I needed support to get up from bed. But now, it’s been 4 years without a symptom for the same.

Sujata Vijay
Of everything I have ever done to improve my fitness, The Quad @ Chennai is by the far the most effective, enjoyable and rewarding!
Amrita Venkatakrishnan

“I had a few batchmates who really transformed their lives here at The Quad. I consistently showed up for classes and started enjoying it more and more. And I’m gladder for it because I am now many kilos lighter, fitter and faster.”

Kashyap A

Ah! Ask me what the best thing I did in 2012 was and I will say The Quad. Ask me again about the best thing I’m doing in 2013 and I will say, but louder, The Quad… I lost 25 kgs in the first 6 months.

The Spirit of The Quad - Sports Day 2014

“This is not a celebration of the fittest person, it is a celebration of fitness itself.”

Senthil Kumar Loganathan

The new moves, fun based approach to training, bonding with the teams, partnering approach – all helped me in keeping me motivated to get up at 4.15 am in the morning and attend the 5am class, regularly!

Anand S

The quality of strength training coaching done at The Quad is unparalleled. I have not heard of any gym where there is such a close supervision! I have already recommended The Quad to many people and would continue to do so strongly in the future!

It all comes down to real people, real transformations and their real stories.
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