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Start getting fit the right way

Fitness does not have to be intimidating, daunting or overwhelming.

You can start small but start right, and set yourself up for a successful fitness journey that lasts long!

The Quad’s StartStrong programme is our 16-week beginner focussed training plan that prioritises alleviating your fitness journey’s biggest hurdles and showing you the way ahead in making fitness a part of your life.

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How does this
work ?

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Partnership Model

While we set up everything you need to succeed, you will have to hold your end of the bargain and attend classes, and we’ll take it from there.

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Realistic Goals

This is NOT a weight loss transformation programme but a realistic plan that is non-judgemental, non-intimidating and practical that makes it sustainable in the long run.

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Week 1 to Week 3 - Foundations:

No rushing through basics, we focus on foundational movement coaching until you are safe to start doing more. You will be tracked on your consistency and assessed on your baseline movement ability.

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Week 4 - Nutritional Interventions

A break from training, and you’ll take your first steps towards better nutrition through the Practical Nutrition Workshop with our co-founder Coach Raj Ganpath, where you will work on the EXACT changes you’ll need to make going forward.

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Week 5 to Week 8 - Purposeful Practice

With your basics in place, you’ll start to practise what you’ve learnt and start weaving them into workouts and a predetermined training plan.

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Week 9 and 10 - Movement Coaching

You will continue to learn new skills, both bodyweight and kettlebell based exercises as you have been so far, with a focus on increasing strength, endurance and mobility.

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Week 11 to Week 16 - Training Action

We’ll work on testing your newly acquired skills, and clearly show you the progress you have made in terms of Consistency, Movement Quality & Nutritional Interventions.


Benchmarking and Breaks

We will track your training progress through videos during weeks 1, 5, 9, 13, 16 and you’ll get some well-earned rest in Week 17 before we move onwards and upwards!


Benefits Phased approach.webp

Phased approach prioritising safety and learning over gimmicks and trends.

Benefits Nutrition Guidelines.webp

Sustainable and practical nutrition guidelines, not restrictive diets.

Benefits Personalised attention.webp

Personalised attention and programming, not cookie-cutter group class training.

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Virtual Group

₹24,000/16 weeks (+ 18% GST)

Inperson Group

₹28,000/16 weeks (+ 18% GST)

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