How to Live Longer? Research Says Strength Training Can Help!

By Lavanya

Mar 31, 20233 mins read

How to Live Longer? Research Says Strength Training Can Help!

There is no magic potion that exists to extend your life. No quick health fixes will reverse the forward march of time.

But what if you want to live longer (and healthier) and do not have access to billions of dollars to invest in longevity research? Is there a way for a regular Joe like you and me to enjoy a longer lifespan?

You bet. Strength training!

The beauty of it lies in the name itself - Strength.

When you make your body stronger with regular strength training, it sets you up for a healthier lifestyle. You're less likely to develop life-threatening diseases and lose vital muscle strength that will rob you of the joy of living a long and healthy life.

Age makes your body weaker, less functional, and more prone to illnesses. There’s no way around this. But incorporating strength training into your regular routine will help you perform even the most basic of activities like, sitting down on the floor, picking up heavy objects, etc with ease.

But how exactly can strength training help you live longer? Let's find out.

It helps you build self-belief and confidence

Maybe the weights seemed rather menacing to you when you first started. But as you start to put in more work consistently, that fear will soon disappear as you lift them with ease.

You'll soon realize that taking small steps every day and getting better over time will help you achieve things that seemed impossible at first. Carrying your replacement gas cylinder in? No problem. Changing the empty water canister for a full (all 25 litres of it!) one? Easy peasy!

You get a boost to your self-confidence and self-belief! And when you're filled with so much confidence within yourself, you'll be happier and content with yourself.

And what happens when you're happier? You live longer!                 

It's a great way to love your body


Strength training is a fantastic way to fall in love with your body! Lifting weights makes you really appreciate what your body can do.

But strength training isn't only about looking good in a bathing suit—it's also about keeping yourself healthy so you are better able to deal with the daily rigours of life.

Eventually, the numbers on your weighing scale won't mean a thing to you. Instead, you'll shift focus to building a healthier version of yourself, every day.

It helps combat depression and anxiety

Is the modern world sucking the life out of you? Do you constantly find yourself stressed and anxious? Then, we have a magic pill for you - lift weights!

But what's the connection, you ask? Well, lifting weights can pump up your body to produce more endorphins. These chemicals are released by your body to help relieve pain and reduce stress, and have a positive impact on your sense of well-being.

So lift more weights and keep stress at bay. What could be better?

It protects you from various diseases

Strength training improves your overall health, reducing your heart disease and stroke risk, can help you prevent and manage chronic conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure, and improve your overall mobility and quality of life.

Strength training also has other benefits that may surprise you! For starters, it can increase bone density, so you aren’t as susceptible to osteoporosis (which increases your risk for fractures) anymore!

When your muscles are stronger, they can support your bones and organs better—which means less strain on them.

Strength training also lowers your resting blood pressure, improves circulation in your hands and feet and builds muscle mass which may promote a healthier metabolism.

It improves brain health


Lifting weights can drastically reduce your chances of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia and improves cognitive functions (attention, reasoning, memory). In addition, strength training protects certain areas in your brain that are vulnerable to muscle loss due to these diseases.

Strength training is not just lifting heavy weights and putting them down. It's a way of life. Think of lifting weights as a means to become a better version of yourself.

Following a simple and feasible strength training routine is one of the top ways of self care. If you are unsure how to go about this, we got you. Let’s talk!                 

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