“I am literally walking around like a Duracell bunny on most days”


I recovered from breast cancer about 3.5 years ago, and the entire encounter made me be a lot more aware and serious about my own health. I will say I have been doing something or the other about it ever since, but I had issues in being consistent. And the pandemic last year only made it worse It was quite a random/sudden decision to sign up at The Quad this April – like I said, best thing I did to myself. I joined with a couple of simple goals – a) be regular with my exercising b) build on my strength If there’s something I am proud of this year, it’s my consistency with turning up for class – I have averaged about 4-5 workouts a week, and given my super hectic consulting job I think I exceeded my own expectations there. But I need to give as much credit to the coach as I give to myself. Thanks to the way the entire programme is planned, I literally go to sleep looking forward to next day’s class. On the strength part, I’ve moved from a 45 sec plank to a 2 min: 45 sec plank. From a wall push-up to an almost floor push-up. From not being able to press a 6 kg bell to now comfortably push-pressing a 10-kg bell. I can go on. Yes, I am one of those that looks forward to quarter end benchmarks But as I reflect, there’s also been a third and SUCH an important dimension that’s been an outcome of training – my mental health. It’s been quite a hustle-hustle, always-a-million-things-on-plate kind of a year, and if I manage to stay relatively chill on a daily basis, I’d say training has had a big role in that. I am literally walking around like a Duracell bunny on most days; it’s a great feeling and I look forward to staying that way!




"I quit obsessing about my weight and started running and playing. I made fitness a habit, and naturally started looking, feeling and functioning better."



"I'm now living a life that's pain-free, allowing me to run my business like a powerhouse, spend evenings outside with family and friends, and even plan those vacations I've been meaning to take for years!"


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"Since I joined The Quad, I am 8 years older, but 40% stronger."