“I had a long labour of 30 hours which I endured due to all the strength I had gained at The Quad.”


"Can you workout during pregnancy? YES! Can you run during pregnancy? YES! Can you lift weights? YES!! All of this provided you are cleared by your gynaecologist." . Every step of the way, @dr_erika_p was patient, measured, tuned in to her body and spent time learning and researching about what's best for her. Her consistency and strength is inspirational, and having her back in class now is a pleasure! Erika shares her experience below: . "I knew before I conceived that I am going to continue both running and strength training throughout my pregnancy (or as long as possible). I had done a fair bit of research on it. In fact I had discussed it with @coach.aa even before I conceived! I was running for 4 years and working out @thequad.in consistently for 1.5 years before I got pregnant. I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I told my family and the next people to know were my coaches @coach.aa and @kavya082! Once I began training, each class, and each trimester were very different." . SWIPE TO READ about how the trimesters were and the benefits she saw during and post delivery! . "The best part about The Quad was the community! Apart from amazing coaches, I had some really nice training partners who would constantly encourage me. It was such a confidence booster. Iam thankful to The Quad and my coaches for getting me stronger, both physically as well mentally throughout this pregnancy. I had a long labour of 30 hours which I endured due to all the strength I had gained. . As the saying goes, you are one workout away from a good mood!" . Thank you for being the champ you are, Erika!

-Dr. Erika Patel



"I quit obsessing about my weight and started running and playing. I made fitness a habit, and naturally started looking, feeling and functioning better."



"I'm now living a life that's pain-free, allowing me to run my business like a powerhouse, spend evenings outside with family and friends, and even plan those vacations I've been meaning to take for years!"


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"Since I joined The Quad, I am 8 years older, but 40% stronger."