“If I can do this, so can you”

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Habits are cultivated based on discipline and effort that we can unwaveringly commit to over a substantial period of time. It’s not only about the things we like to do but more about the things we know we need to do. . Sticking to a plan, eating clean, training consistently, it all requires discipline and patience, lots of patience. . Results don’t come easy and those that do, don’t last. And, that’s why we are elated to share stories like these. Ayshwarya has been with us for as long as we can remember and there is a lot to take away from her journey. . @coach.aa says “When Ayshwarya walked in her first quarter at NGS, she could not do a bodyweight squat. I had her hold a pole and do squats pretty much the entire quarter. Her core was non-functional and coupled with her anthropometry, she had a lot of fundamentals to work on. . Credit to her that she never sulked or got bored or whined about why she was doing what she was doing while the rest of the class did other things. A good chunk of my students have walked away at this point, impatience getting the better of them. She slowly and steadily kept putting in the work. We identified the split squat, rather than the goblet squat as a movement to work on and she got rather good at it as well (squatting 56 kgs). . She's always willing to keep improving and is the first to acknowledge that she can always improve her form and technique. . She keeps a rather level-head, has no patience for excuses and will just shut up and put in the work. Either for an hour or a year, she will do the work. . That's why she's here today, encouraging other people to take this path. She's truly a great and genuine example of "If I can do this, so can you". . We are in awe of @ayshu_srini ‘s commitment and patience, it only reiterates that we are stronger and more capable than we know. Join us to get started on your own fitness journey!

-Ayshawarya Srini



"I quit obsessing about my weight and started running and playing. I made fitness a habit, and naturally started looking, feeling and functioning better."



"I'm now living a life that's pain-free, allowing me to run my business like a powerhouse, spend evenings outside with family and friends, and even plan those vacations I've been meaning to take for years!"


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"Since I joined The Quad, I am 8 years older, but 40% stronger."