Nutrition Coaching

The Quad’s Individualised Nutrition Coaching service will help you fix your relationship with food, for life. We don't believe in rigid diet charts and excessive restrictions, because honestly, it just doesn't work in the long run. We want to move you away from the yo-yo dieting you've been doing all your life, and help you establish positive eating habits that show you progress without ruining all the fun!


People don’t fail diets.
Diets fail people.

Our approach to nutrition is about eating right. It is not about eating salads everyday, or skipping a meal regularly or depriving yourself of all things carbs! We believe in consuming high quality seasonal produce that are suitable to your lifestyle, that help you look, feel and move better while not compromising on the taste.

Why choose the quad for Nutrition coaching

Body Transformation

Fat Loss. Not Just Weight Loss.

Vital Nutrition

Nutrient Density. Not Calorie Counting.

Fresh Delight

Eat Local. Eat Seasonal. Eat Tasty!

Balanced Lifestyle

Lifestyle Guidance, Not Rigid Diets.



10-week plan

An individualised
10-week plan


Portion control

Specifics on what foods and beverages to consume, along with the quantities.


1-on-1 attention

A 1-on-1 certified nutrition coach, who will work with you consistently on education, compliance and long-term habit change.


10k + GST


Strategy session with a certified coach

Individualised programme

Dedicated coach

Unlimited access to your coach

Instructional videos/images

After my second son was born, I signed up for bespoke nutrition coaching. Coach Geetha understood my needs and constraints and tailored my nutrition program keeping in mind that I was a new mom with wheels on my heels. I lost 37 cm overall ~10% of my body weight; my endurance has improved and so has my upper body strength, which helps me with my kids.


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