What Does Our Typical Student Look Like: Profile Of A Regular Quad Client

By Lavanya

Jan 9, 20244 mins read

What Does Our Typical Student Look Like: Profile Of A Regular Quad Client

What makes an ideal Quad student? Who are we expecting to walk through our doors, when we send the call out for prospective students?

A typical Quad client is every single person that is interested in fitness, in health and in the pursuit of both. A beginner, brand new to the world of weights and strength training, or maybe someone with a little bit more familiarity with the weight room.

They may or may not have had a previous brush with sport but today, they are willing and eager to put in the work. They are eager, they are enthusiastic to learn about their bodies - how much their bodies can do, can they push / pull / carry / crawl more.

Who is the Quad for?


Your neighbour who struggles to climb up one flight of stairs, though he is only in his mid-forties, as his knee bothers him.

The young mum who is dealing with sleepless nights and the rigours of parenting an energetic toddler. The middle schooler aspiring to become a pro athlete and wants to work on building their strength.

The empty nesters who are still sprightly on their feet and want to enjoy their early retirement by trying their hand at lifting weights. The workaholic that is chained to her desk and has zero energy to face a high energy class but knows she needs to work on her health.

The 65 year old grandma who read about the 71-year-old Oxford University professor who is now a weight lifting champ and now wants to see if she could do it too.

The Quad is for all of them.

For absolute beginners who have been leading a sedentary lifestyle for years to those that consider themselves professional Couch Potatoes.

For the middle aged rowers, tennis players, footballers, yoga masters, Ultimate frisbee players, basketball players.

For software engineers, dental hygienists, for OBGYNs, for draughtsmen, for architects, for teachers, for postmen and women, for…

You. Or someone like you.

The Quad is for all of you!

Limitations? What Limitations?


Age, gender, abilities, previous experience are all absolutely unnecessary. Over the past 12 years, we have trained school children as young as 8 and senior citizens in their 60s and 70s. We have trained pro athletes and pregnant women, new mothers and desk jockeys, middle aged men nursing injuries and newly retired folks looking to zhuzh up their lives.

And you know what most of them had in common? They were absolute newbies to the world of kettlebells, of reps and sets, of PRs, of benchmarks and challenge weeks, of cleans, squats, pushups, pullups and the rest of it.

One more thing these newbies had in common? They committed. They put their faith in us and showed up for themselves!

What does an average class look like?

We tailor our program to suit each and every one of them, keeping their requirements and fitness goals in mind. “One size fits all” is not in the Quad makeup.

Our sessions are run in groups of 20+ students training at the same time. But not all of them will be following the exact same format. While the classes have a certain cadence and flavour to them, if a student wants to pursue something else or work towards a different goal, we are totally there for them.

Do you know how to squat? Awesome! Welcome aboard! You don’t? That’s perfectly fine too, cos we do! So we will teach you how!

We all know this old adage - if a new house help is coming to start work, you quickly run around tidying up so they don’t think you are a bunch of mucky pups.

In much the same way, you sign up for a fitness class and before that, you figure you need to improve your current fitness level in order to cope with your actual fitness class.

If you are of the mind that your fitness levels ought to be at a certain level in order to sign up for a quarter with us or you won’t be able to cope… let me stop you right there! It is our job to ensure you improve your current fitness level. So trust us and let us do our jobs!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to…

 …just show up! Attend the class in person or virtual, group or 1-on-1. We will take care of the rest.

Take our word for it. We got you.