The Quad Sports Day Is Here Again: Time To Have Fun With Fitness

By Lavanya

May 31, 202410 mins read

The Quad Sports Day Is Here Again: Time To Have Fun With Fitness

The air ripples with suppressed excitement. Snatches of "Machan, so you can handle squat and press no?" and "hey what is the bell you are comfortable with? I might stick to 20", interspersed with good natured heckles ("dei you the Superstar!") are heard.

Grown men and women who would normally be catching up on their 40 winks or putting together the breakfast on any other Sunday are ribbing each other and nervously grinning, not knowing what exactly lies in store for them.

It is that time of the year again: The Quad Sports day. When fun, fitness and camaraderie merge on a grand scale. 

Today is not about PRs, winning or losing. Today is a celebration of fitness, of movement. Of revelling in what your body can do. For some, it is a throwback to the glory days of their youth when they were athletes. 


For most, it is a discovery, a wonder, a revelation - long after the first bloom of youth, is it my body that is so limber, moving so seamlessly? I never knew I could!

Fun? Hard work? Aches and pains? Unfortunate face plants? Yes, maybe, all of the above. But also, FUN. Exuberation. Exhilaration. 

Community. And unadulterated joy. Boatloads of it.

Year after year, this amazing community braves the weather, the traffic and whatever uncertainties life in an Indian city throws at you and comes together to celebrate fitness.

And that, is nothing short of a gift.


Cos The Quad have only gone and done what they set out to do 13 odd years back - they have made fitness fun, accessible and addictive. 

If you want to know if you have it in you to be a part of this community that celebrates fitness, contact us today and come next Sports day, we will show you a new you!