Truth About Thyroid And Why It Is So Important

The first time I realised there was something wrong is when my post-workout “power nap” regularly crossed the 3-hour mark. Over time, this became my schedule: wake up at 4.15, workout at 5, come home, make breakfast and lunch, pack up the lunch box for kids, wave them bye-bye, and face plant into bed.  I […]

Why Strength Training Is The Elixir You Need In Your Life

In today’s world, where most people stress about meeting deadlines or taking care of their children, they tend to neglect their health. Strength training is one of the essential components in improving one’s life quality as it helps one get on track with all aspects of their life.  Strength training is more than just working […]

Why The Quad

Why choose The Quad? We have worked with 5000+ individuals across the world for almost 10 years with a consistent client retention rate as high as 85%. Passionate, highly qualified, and experienced coaches handpicked by our co-founders Raj & Arvind, themselves. Scientifically designed, curated, and customized programming that fits your skill level, health specifics, and […]

Do you know why we Get Fat at a Young Age?

Fat loss isn’t easy. Simple, yes. But not easy. Anyone who’s lost fat will tell you that it requires perseverance, determination, and a lifestyle change. Despite not being easy, fat loss can be extremely rewarding. Not only does it improve your general health, but it also makes you feel great about yourself. Sadly, this loss […]

Old, Wise and Stiff? – Why Mobility is Important for Senior Citizens

As we grow older, our quality of lives are directly affected by how fit we are. It dictates everything from what activities we can do to how quickly we can go from point A to B to how easily we can change the shape of our bodies to do various tasks. That last point is what mobility […]

Here’s Why Skinny Will Never Be The New Sexy

Before we get into a specifics, let’s clarify some basics. Most of you are probably used to the term “weight loss” and are ready to do whatever it takes to see that number of the scale drop. Your body is composed of fat, muscle, water, bones, connective tissue and other organs. You are overweight because […]

3 Reasons Why Keeping It Local Makes All The Difference

Early man settled around areas where he could find food and water and with time built his life around these foods. Slowly, over generations, people learnt and passed on knowledge about what from that region can be eaten, how they should be cooked, when during the day they are best eaten, what spices have anti-septic/fungal/bacterial […]

The Basics of Stretching: What? Why? For Who? When?

What does stretching do Stretching increases the length of a muscle when you hold a stretched pose. Stretching regularly over the long term increases the length of a muscle even when it’s not stretched (resting length). Greater the resting length of a muscle, the more it can move across its intended range of motion. The […]

Women Need Muscles. Why?

Women are constantly told that lifting weights might If you scoffed at the last point, you do realise that the other suggestions are as improbable as the last one. Women need muscles. And so does every other animal roaming the face of the earth. End of story. Why? To become ‘toned’ Most women walk into a […]

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