Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching The Quad’s INDIVIDUALISED Nutrition Coaching service will help you fix your relationship with food, for life. This 10-week nutrition coaching program is designed to help you achieve your health goals by fast tracking your way to sustainable nutrition. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or become healthy, through this […]

4 Must-Do Nutrition Tips for Women Who Workout

A lot of research has been done in order to understand the effect of physical activity on micronutrient requirement. It sounds intuitive that when a woman does more physical activity her nutritional requirements increase. That is, she will need more protein, more starch, more fat and just more food in order to stay healthy. That’s […]

Living on a Nutritional Budget

The concept of a nutritional budget I think we can all agree that any smart person would spend his/her money on food, rent, electricity, fuel etc., because today, these are any human’s basic necessities and unless those are covered everything else including Coach handbags and Mont Blanc wallets means zilch! Similarly, considering the genetics you […]

Nutrition 101 For Your Kids – What Should You Feed Them?

I presume that reading this heading was accompanied by some rolling of your eyes and then followed by a smile; as is usually the case when we think of our little ones.  I couldn’t think of a better way to sum up this species than this definition I came across recently: Toddler (n.) – Emotionally […]

Nutrition On The Move – How To Eat Clean When You Travel

When it comes to eating high quality food, nothing comes close to home-made meals.  But that isn’t always possible and we have to/want to eat out sometimes.  Eating out presents some challenges, but with some practise we can train ourselves to choose wisely among the available options (and you can always ‘make up’ over other […]

4 Rules That Define Our Nutritional Philosophy

When it comes to food for general health and fitness, there are four words that sum up everything that The Quad believes is relevant and required.   Real. Sustainable. Practical. Local. #1 Eat real food Real food is naturally occurring. It is food that is prepared from ingredients that are as close to their natural […]

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions The Quad’s BootCamp in Chennai 1. The fee needs to be paid upfront during registration. Cheque, credit card, online payment or cash via Netbanking is accepted. 2. The membership entitles members to 3 training sessions per week, nutritional support and guidance from a certified fitness coach depending on individual goals. 3. Membership […]


All Diet Endurance Exercise Fat Loss Fitness Indian Kids Kids Lifestyle Mobility & Flexibility Myths Nutrition Pregnancy Running Sleep Strength Stress Uncategorized Vegetarian Women No Gym. No Weights: We Asked a Trainer to Share 5 Tips to Keep Fit at Home Roshini John • November 11, 2020 Should we use free weights or machines? Raj […]

Virtual Bootcamp

The QuadVirtual BootCamp Now taking our state-of-the-art coaching expertise to Indians across the globe! Virtual training of all forms is here to stay, and 300+ Indians across the world choose The Quad for our coaching experience that is relatable, result-oriented and the most fun you can have in any online programme! What Is The QuadVirtual […]


Resources Are you looking to get fit, eat better or workout from the comfort of your home? You will find a host of downloadable resources below that include training plans, nutrition plans and workout videos here.   Resources Parents + Kids Summer Playbook – Play In Your Home Ground Nutrition Plans 6 Healthy habits in […]