The Basics of Stretching: What? Why? For Who? When?

What does stretching do Stretching increases the length of a muscle when you hold a stretched pose. Stretching regularly over the long term increases the length of a muscle even when it’s not stretched (resting length). Greater the resting length of a muscle, the more it can move across its intended range of motion. The […]


FAQs General 1. I’m a complete beginner to any kind of workouts – will this be a good fit for me? Absolutely yes! Almost 80% of our community started out at the beginner level. We have dedicated 2 weeks of Foundations Coaching in place to help you master the basics. During this time, you will […]


Testimonials Whether it is The Quad’s BootCampTM in Chennai or QuadVirtual for people all over the world, we’ve worked with 7000+ people everyday in 4 locations inside Chennai, and across 25+ cities worldwide, helping them fall in love with fitness, strength and the pursuit of health. Take a few minutes to go through this page […]


10+ years of redefining fitness for Indians worldwide 30+ member dream team of unbiased experts 7k+ lives benefitted from our methodology 15+ countries with 100s of Indians who love and live by our philosophy 170k+ strong community across social media platforms The Quad’s BootCamp™ Outdoor training like never before, The Quad’s BootCampTM is an evidence-based […]

Getting back to exercise after a long-ish break?

Breaks from training are inevitable for most of us. A few hard days in life or a work trip or vacation will also keep us away from training for a week or two. What one needs following such breaks is simply a gradual ramp up back to previous levels of intensity and volume. But what about longer breaks? What about after a hiatus that lasted a few months as a result of injury or sickness or plain laziness? Here is how you get back to training…

Here’s Why Skinny Will Never Be The New Sexy

Before we get into a specifics, let’s clarify some basics. Most of you are probably used to the term “weight loss” and are ready to do whatever it takes to see that number of the scale drop. Your body is composed of fat, muscle, water, bones, connective tissue and other organs. You are overweight because […]