All Diet Endurance Exercise Fat Loss Fitness Indian Kids Kids Lifestyle Mobility & Flexibility Myths Nutrition Pregnancy Running Sleep Strength Stress Uncategorized Vegetarian Women No Gym. No Weights: We Asked a Trainer to Share 5 Tips to Keep Fit at Home Roshini John • November 11, 2020 Should we use free weights or machines? Raj […]

Virtual Bootcamp

The QuadVirtual BootCamp Now taking our state-of-the-art coaching expertise to Indians across the globe! Virtual training of all forms is here to stay, and 300+ Indians across the world choose The Quad for our coaching experience that is relatable, result-oriented and the most fun you can have in any online programme! What Is The QuadVirtual […]

Quad Partners

Quad Partners At The Quad, fitness is a way of life. When you sign up for a membership at The Quad, you sign up not for a workout class, but for a change – a change towards a healthier lifestyle. This goes beyond the three hours a week you spend at our classes. Quad partnerships […]

About Us

Our Story It all starts with the way you feel. The way you feel when you try to climb a single flight of stairs, and struggle. The way you feel when those jeans don’t fit anymore. The way you feel when you struggle to carry your luggage, or even your own child. The way you feel after […]

About The Quad

The Quad Squad A few years back, The Quad was two people trying to make a dozen people fitter. Today, the Quad Squad is a sizeable team of passionate and driven trainers focused on transforming thousands of lives. Whether it is an HR professional who found his calling in fitness or a film maker who […]


10+ years of redefining fitness for Indians worldwide 30+ member dream team of unbiased experts 7k+ lives benefitted from our methodology 15+ countries with 100s of Indians who love and live by our philosophy 170k+ strong community across social media platforms The Quad’s BootCamp™ Outdoor training like never before, The Quad’s BootCampTM is an evidence-based […]

Is Being Gluten-Free For You? A 3-Step Process To Find Out!

Gluten, gluten intolerance, gluten free…. If you are someone who follows anyone who talks about nutrition, chances are you’ve come across one or more of these words excessively over the last decade. And you’ve probably given some thought as to whether there is merit to the pros and cons of gluten being discussed by all […]

3 Reasons Why Keeping It Local Makes All The Difference

Early man settled around areas where he could find food and water and with time built his life around these foods. Slowly, over generations, people learnt and passed on knowledge about what from that region can be eaten, how they should be cooked, when during the day they are best eaten, what spices have anti-septic/fungal/bacterial […]

4 Rules That Define Our Nutritional Philosophy

When it comes to food for general health and fitness, there are four words that sum up everything that The Quad believes is relevant and required.   Real. Sustainable. Practical. Local. #1 Eat real food Real food is naturally occurring. It is food that is prepared from ingredients that are as close to their natural […]

Open Your Eyes to Saturated Fat

Most of us love ghee. But we have a problem. We’re told that ghee isn’t healthful. We’re told that ghee causes heart disease. And more importantly, we’re told that ghee makes us fat! The primary reason behind such recommendations is that ghee is rich in saturated fat and saturated fat is supposedly harmful. This is […]