Vasanti Ramesh

Bad back, sedentary job, lots of stress, never been to any kind of gym before, the half century mark looming up on the horizon and a plateau in weight loss that no amount of walking, treadmill or diet control helped overcome. That was me when The Quad hit Chennai. Considering that I had never stepped into any gym before, I was merely curious about what these guys would be doing that is not being done elsewhere. My primary objective was to lose weight and get fit without damaging my lower back further. My main worry was the disc prolapse (an existing condition – who wants to aggravate matters?) and then I saw this awesome video put up by Arvind and Raj. So a few emails later and a chat with them, I decided to try ONE class. Just this once to see what it was all about!

By the end of 10 weeks I was buying new clothes as I went down in dress size, was sleeping better and stopped dying of guilt every time I indulged in dessert or festival goodies! As it is a 3 day (per week) workout, it means its not hard to be regular. The fact that its all outdoors is really cool and working out with a whole lot of others in a group is such fun that I have been just signing up every subsequent BootCamp. The Quad is an addiction! I have made some really great friends , my energy levels are Duracell-ic and my mobility has improved by leaps and bounds. The best part is the personalised care the Coaches take to make sure that each person is taught the right form and is able to improve each day. It is amazing the way they remember each persons name ,capability, goals and make it their mission to help everyone achieve and then improve on their personal records. Their enthusiasm is contagious and this includes their interns. Of course sometimes you want to kill them too! Jokes apart, The Quad is one fun fitness place, completely unique in its approach and is completely addictive!