Sristi Patodia

When you start by doing what is necessary, go on to do what’s possible, and then suddenly you are doing the impossible. This has been my story at The Quad.

When I joined The Quad, I was unfit. A woman who would struggle with everyday things like running up the stairs or carrying even a marginally heavy bag of groceries. Having spent a fair part of my life in the vicious circle of “weight loss, weight gain, weight loss and repeat”, I had already been to many gyms and tried a multitude of things.

Also, just like a majority (sadly so) of women, I had never really believed I could be strong and had always focussed on treadmills/running/cycling and ellipticals. I can very proudly say that The Quad changed all of that for me.

Today I believe in strength training over everything else. I believe in women being strong, in being able to change the 20 litre water can with grace and in the blink of an eye. Building strength has now become the very essence of my fitness goal.

The Quad to me is not merely a regular place to workout, but a fabulous community of brilliant coaches who are committed, very knowledgeable and focussed. Having gone through my share of personal trainers at gyms in the past, I can easily say I have never been trained better than I am being trained at The Quad’s BootCamp than ever before. These coaches have well designed plans, that change with every quarter, focussing on several aspects of fitness like strength, agility, mobility and endurance . So you don’t just lose weight and look better but you also get physically fitter.

Add to that, the QuadSquad who are always there to reiterate, motivate and guide us through their nutrition support, physiotherapy support and injury prevention and care – and you’ve got the complete package.

Being a doctor myself, I can vouch for their knowledge and understanding of what they do.
The Quad knows how to make things interesting with their constant challenges – be it the fat loss challenge or the strength challenge! Ultimate frisbee, another one of The Quad’s coaching modules is an amazing way to get introduced to one of the fairest, most gender neutral and fun sport there is.

The bonus to all of this – meeting a fabulous set of people with similar fitness goals and making friends who go beyond The Quad, who become friends for life.