Shekar Subramanian

I stumbled upon The Quad when I was passing through a real low point in mid 2015: grossly overweight, eating wrong, always tired and intermittently immobile because of back pain. I felt like a ticking time bomb and that really was a scary feeling! I had tried everything from hitting the gym to trying out yoga to experimenting with multiple fad diets. But nothing had worked. It was the time I was wistfully looking for some magic to happen in my life.

And magic it certainly has been!

Day 1 in Oct 2015 was quite surreal when I come to think of it. From that day on for the next 6 weeks, I was taught the basic moves. I struggled particularly on the squat, but Raj and Asif were thankfully determined not to give up on me :). I remember multiple days when I practised squats facing a wall but with a caveat: not to allow my nose, knees or hands to touch the wall. Finally, when I managed to clear that, the next step was to pick up weights and I remember my legs were wobbling when I tried squatting with a single 8 kg kettlebell.

However, slowly but steadily I was starting to see progress thanks to the program I was put through. I moved better, felt better and started making the form fixes and lifestyle changes advised – to my sleep pattern, eating habits and on managing stress. Each quarter brought a different focus and/ or threw challenges at us (fat loss, strong and lean and endurance) and every single time, taught me newer things.

Along the way, I had so many questions and multiple occasions when I could have fallen off track or ended up overdoing something or injuring myself. But on each such occasion, I was patiently but firmly guided and put in place – loved that!

When I now look back at these past two years, I realise I have probably done just two things right: one, simply follow what Raj and The Quad Squad said, and two, why being consistent is the holy grail of fitness (quote courtesy: my guru, Raj)!

What did I get in return: nearly 35 kgs of weight loss and the simple joy of being able to shop for clothes at a regular store. But more importantly I am stronger, healthier and have become super conscious about what I eat, how I sleep and how I react to stressful situations. I also realise I have become a calmer and more positive version of myself (something my family will say special thanks for :P)

The Quad has also given me a few other things I will always cherish:

An awesome, vibrant, empathetic community that makes fitness fun, challenging and enjoyable at the same time.

Wonderful friendships with some truly amazing folks, many of which are for life

For guiding me and helping me find joy and liberation in running, something I only dreamt of earlier

For introducing me to a beautiful sport called Ultimate, which many of us so enjoy playing.

The Quad has indeed redefined fitness for countless folks like me, and my special thanks to Raj and the entire coaching staff for this utterly life changing experience. May your tribe grow and may you continue to inspire!