Shabeena Thahseen

My first day at The Quad was in Oct 2014 after having tried working out at a regular gym for 3 years on treadmills and ellipticals and wanted something different to strengthen myself.

The Quad was like an eye opener to me with regards to fitness and I am glad I have such efficient and knowledgeable coaches that I felt completely in safe hands. The key things which got me hooked were the professional approach by this team and personal attention by the coaches to the smaller issues ( like the knee wriggle I had in the beginning), constant encouragement, a variety of exercises to keep me excited and far from monotony. I could see my self getting stronger and my core strength improved. Having a Physiotherapist helped iron out any small injuries. My knee pain completely vanished and I lost oodles of weight in the process (14kgs to be precise). My form at doing Squats (I could not do even one body weight squat when I joined!!) improved and today I squat a 40 kgs and swing a 28 kg KB. I am still trying to perfect the other moves though I have progressed quite a bit in most of them. I learnt a whole new dimension to nutrition and I am able to sensibly follow a healthy diet without losing my mind

I cannot forget about the community workout thrill that Quad brings to our life. Fellow workers are constantly motivating each other and competing to do better than they could think of. It was a super high on most days for me as I love to workout in a group.

I have hardly missed classes all these 3 years and speaks about how much I enjoy working out at The Quad. Kudos to the Quad Squad for giving the right kind of support and encouragement and making us take the right steps towards the fitness journey for life.