Senthil Kumar Loganathan

I was referred to The Quad 2 years back by one of my colleagues. I was casually mentioning about my always present lower back pain when he suggested to try out The Quad to strengthen my core, as it had helped him a lot.

With absolutely no idea what he meant, I visited The Quad based on the way he described the experience. From my first visit, the professionalism amazed me. The way they took the inputs, evaluated me with some basic movements and then finally confirmed my spot with a friendly smile.

From day 1, it has been an exhilarating experience. The personal attention that we receive to correct our form, the constant hawk eye that catches us when we make mistakes, the subtle yet firm approach in fixing people individually, and most of all, the enthusiasm of all the coaches in encouraging us has been excellent. The gamification approach to training with explanation for the moves and why we should do it this way and most of all why we shouldn’t do it this way has really helped me in understanding the basics.

So much so, that when I came to The Quad, it was a with a specific objective of addressing my pain. Now it has completely changed to fitness and strength! The new moves, fun based approach to training, bonding with the teams, partnering approach – all helped me in keeping me motivated to get up at 4.15 am in the morning and attend the 5am class, regularly!

Overall it has been a great journey for me and has helped me transform my fitness and increase my confidence.

My best wishes to The Quad – hope you spread your wings far and wide!