Sabarmathi Sankar

I have had very little physical activity apart from moving my fingers to mouth frequently over the last 25 years. Any long walks are extended activity resulted in knee pain and I was generally leery of exercise. With a burning desire to reduce weight, I tried yoga, gym and even weight loss medication. However all of these had a temporary effect. I read about The Quad two years back and pushed my husband to join it. Over the course of a year I saw him transform slowly to become more energetic and toned. I took the plunge and went for my trial session – Sudeesh spent an hour assessing my issues and abilities.

Most of the time was devoted to him clarifying my doubts – will I get knee pain if I squat? Will lifting weights make me muscular? Will training outdoors be dusty and aggravate my allergies? Am I too old to change my eating habits, because I love sweets?! Coach Sudeesh patiently explained that these were common concerns and that he would work with me to fix this over time.

In two months’ time, I was squatting with no knee pain, using bells for deadlifts and found that there I wasn’t any dust! Each day is a surprise with new routines, workouts and finishers. I have overcome my fears about exercise and fitness, though have not managed to slay the sugar demon. The coaches have helped, cajoled, threatened and guided me to become a fitter person. More importantly I have made friends who motivate and inspire me. Thanks to The Quad for changing my life!