Rukmini Devi​

Couple of years ago I was lying on a hospital bed staring at the walls and the ceiling fan, I realised I had two choices either to take the seat back down the bottomless pit or sign up for a membership at The Quad. I opted for The Quad.

I was in for a surprise when Raj told me I had to wait for three months to enrol, I knew then, that The Quad was different and I am still amazed as to how they can be perfect in every way.. being amazed is easier than thinking what Raj and Arvind do/think to make each class so well structured, organised and ooze out with so much positivity. It’s way beyond the working of a normal brain.They not only tell us what to do, they tell what has worked for them and what hasn’t, so that we can try things for ourselves from nutrition to lifestyle. The Quad is not only about the physical aspect, it’s about life itself..

Coach Raj made me believe in things I never imagined I could do, like he thinks I can do 10 reps on the squat with a particular weight just when I think I am done and can put the weights down and relish the few seconds of break..trust me, he knows mind reading… he brings out the best in of each of us..

Imagine the blessing being coached by the best coaches the universe can offer and also to be working out with a group of beautiful minded people ..ever wondered how every single person in a group can be inspiring and supportive, then walk into our group..

The Quad is my meditation, every second counts.. you got to be in the present.. if you don’t believe me do yourself a favor by coming over especially on a endurance day!

The Quad resurrected me, makes me live. Thanks Raj and Arvind..