Roberto Peters

I started training at The Quad in Jan 2014 at 86 kgs, and today not only do I weight 72 kgs (14 kgs lost), I am stronger, faster and just better at everything I do. Until Jan 2014, I’d never heard of the word burpee or even touched a kettlebell. Right from holding the bell, lifting it, training with proper technique and form, developing skill and transforming myself – everything was taught to me by the Quad Squad. No matter what, all they want for you is a effective, injury-free, progress focussed fitness journey. So they spend a lot of time fixing your form and teaching you the right way. You’ll never know where the cue comes from, as there is always someone watching you move.

I used to have severe back pain. So severe that I needed support to get up from bed. But now, it’s been 4 years without a symptom for the same. They focus on basics and working your major muscle groups first, whether it is the squat, deadlift, row or overhead presses. They focus on building a strong foundation for you to from strength to strength.

I’ve always trained at traditional gyms, but never received good guidance and support from trainers. At The Quad, that is the very essence of their training. I always have someone watching me, fixing my form, motivating me and guiding me towards achieving my goals with a smart and regimented training programme. They taught me to workout with a purpose. I set short term goals and worked towards it with the help of the Quad Squad – whether it was for my running, cycling, trekking or to build endurance. increase strength levels, work on advanced skills or just learning to eat clean, they had me covered!

As a fitness community, it’s just awesome to train as a group. We motivate each other, team up and smash workouts and train better to get better every single day. We are all bound by one interest – fitness. And that puts everything into perspective.

Special thanks to my Coach Raj Ganpath for all is advice, tips and guidance at the right time, and the structured training program which has helped me a lot not only in fitness, but to lead a happy and a healthy lifestyle. Few things keeps ringing in my ears during each and everything I do – The way Raj says – NEVER GIVE UP. FINISH STRONG. DON’T OVERTHINK IT.

Special thanks to Coach Bharathi Gnanadesigan as well. When I joined a 1-on-1 session with him to learn the Barbell Deadlift, he totally changed the way I think and train. Every single day, there was something new to learn from him. His approach and feedback was fantastic. From breathing technique and drills, to detailed stretching routines, to learning the art of engaging the right muscle groups, to practice and implement what I learnt – I gained a lot of confidence to work and move better in class. Those 8 training sessions with him totally changed the way train!

Today, I gain so much from this community. I began running and worked with runners like Soundarya and Harishankar on my skills, training plans and clocking miles. I compete in all challenges put out by The Quad and am able to progress really well. Whether it was winning the Endurance Challenge Title, in terms of progress and scores, or whether it was completing a marathon in 1 hour, 49 minutes and 26 seconds, every milestone I have achieved is because of The Quad and The Quad community.