Mathangi Venkataraman

I have been on the fitness journey for a few years now. I have worked out at a gym, learnt yoga under different schools, would have walked at least once around the world in terms of distance. And then, I read and hear about The Quad. I love learning and trying new things in life and this was one more I wanted to do. So I joined the Quad.

So what is the difference between the other forms of fitness and what I continue to learn at The Quad. So why do I love it and the love seems to be growing by the day? This is the first place where I am learning about the importance of our core… This is the first place I am looking forward to going every day. It rains, it pours and surprise, I don’t want to take off. I come to a class full of enthusiasts. This must be the eighth wonder…

This is the most fun form of exercise I have had.

I now understand that fitness and exercise continues outside the class… Form and safety are important. My pains and aches have vanished. I jump with an injured knee… Sometimes I forget, which knee is injured. I jump ropes, I run, I squat…. Wow! There is a surprise every day at class, no repetitions, no boredom. I have learnt now to expect the unexpected.

Coaches are awesome! They are very professional and inspire us and encourage us everyday. For the first time I talk less and work more. Going out of breath is a great feeling. In six months my fitness levels have improved slowly and steadily and I begin to wonder, when did I fall sick last?

There are many more firsts for me at The Quad.

I am very happy to be in this journey and feel safe with you guys. Thanks for being there for us. I truly wish that this will benefit a lot more people. I have never met the founders, I am happy that someone out there has taken the initiative to guide so many people towards better fitness.

Thank you so much Raj and Aravind.

Best wishes to you guys and my ever so awesome coaches!