Kuchalambal Agadi

My training with Quad started at their Bootcamp at Bamboola. Moving to the US, I am continuing my journey with QuadVirtual, now Sudeesh is my coach. What works for me is the personalised program. The Quad coaches set high standards. They are willing (and importantly trained) to work with you to perfect the basics; such as form, breathing pattern. When the roots are strong, literally the sky is the limit for strength, health and fitness! This program has definitely fine tuned my body awareness. The enthusiasm of the team is quite infectious 🤸🏽‍♂️Keep that going Quad!! I would say training with Quad has helped me in my journey to align myself with my lofty goals.

Yes. My Dad (Sriram) and one of my brothers (Ram) are currently training with Quad Bootcamp. My other brother (Shankar) is waiting to hear back from the team, he signed up for Quad virtual. My mum was coming there for awhile . Quite a few friends of mine have found out about The Quad program from me; but I have never followed up with them. Being under the umbrella of Qualified coach’s makes a lot of positive difference in ones Fitness journey.