Kashyap A

Ask me the best thing I did in 2012 – I will say The Quad. Again, ask me what is the best thing I did in 2013 – I will say even louder – The Quad! It’s been a wonderful journey! Maybe I should be saying something about me first. I have always done things that I want to, no matter how much time it takes or how much pain I go through. But there was one thing that I was never able to do – lose weight. Basically I am a foodie. Me and my group of friends used to go around and eat all kinds of junk food and love it (who doesn’t?). Gaining weight was a concern but that didn’t really stop us. Every time my waist got bigger, I would sign up at a gym, or try aerobics, or join yoga or something. I tried everything out there but the fact is I didn’t even last a month at any of those places. So once I got back to Chennai for work, I realised that I had to fix this issue. Some random surfing and I ended up reading about The Quad on Facebook. Then, I called up [Coach] Raj and first thing he told me was to fix up a goal and then we can start working towards it. Not even for my résumé I had put so much time :p but well I came up with one goal finally – to be able to get into any cloth shop and get to have number of choices unlike 5 or 6 random colours kept for biggies like me.

First day was really scary because you have all the old batch making light work of the workout and on the other hand you are taken to a side for basic training and you will be observed even more closer than everyone else. Few days later [after your basic movement patterns are fixed], you join the regular class. One thing which I have to appreciate is everyday was a new day at The Quad. I would have got really bored if that was not there. New thing each day makes you feel good and you know that you are doing something really good. Coming back to the classes, each day progressed pretty well. 2 coaches and few interns made the classes really good. I have never heard of swings or burpees or ropes anywhere else. It was all there at The Quad and there was even more. Few months went on I started feeling good myself. Though I used to come late to class in the initial months, I never needed an alarm after a while. The Quad was always there in my mind.

A special mention to Raj. If you are reading this, Man YOU ROCK ! He trained me on form, the weights and gave me a great nutrition plan. Result is I lost 25 kgs in the first 6 months. Now wherever I go people ask me “what happened?? How have you lost so much weight ?? Crash dieting or something ??” I just say I am having proper nutrition. I literally troubled him [Coach Raj] every week with lot of questions right from having paneer to the proper shoes that I must wear for work out. He answered it all and encouraged me at every point of time. Raj I must say you are actually making a difference in people’s lives. That’s something really great. Needless to say Arvind helped me as well with my breathing techniques (while running) and sometimes waking me up before the class starts :p

Nutrition – ah man !!! This is the best thing about The Quad and I am sure everyone will realise it if they start practicing it !! I eat ghee dosa with boiled potato for breakfast – anyone dislikes it ? Yes that’s part of my diet 😀 hot ghee dosa and I am on diet :D. The Quad gives one hell of a nutrition plan which makes you stronger and healthier. It does go well for all ages and that’s the best part. Now I eat real food and I do have ice creams and pizzas once in a while but it is all part of the plan!

Today I feel really stronger and each day is really good. It is just 3 hours of workout every week and I don’t really know how one can feel stronger with so little (but intensive) workout. The Quad is fun-tastic. Lovely people, lovely coaches and you are working out in a play school. What more do you want! And hey i have to mention, last week I went clothes shopping and I had a boatload of choices :D. Indeed The Quad has redefined fitness and redefined me as well !!! I wish to be part of every subsequent BootCamp at The Quad!!!