Deepa Kaliyur

With a gym and fitness instructor sprouting every second, you may wonder what makes The Quad stand out. I enrolled with Quad giving myself just one quarter as I was totally intimidated by those working out there…Well, I still am to an extent but now its not fear but sheer admiration. The thing about The Quad is that they never let you feel low or demotivated. You end up realising and appreciating the importance and effectiveness of structured training. And that there is no shortcut for anything.

They are non judgemental while analysing your strengths and shortcomings. The Quad Squad will go all out to help you achieve your fitness goals. All you need to do is ask!

Coaching Knowledge and Quality

* Undiluted attention is given to form and technique at all times.

* Never make you feel pressurised. They know when to push you and when to just give you more time.

* No compromise on warm up and cool down.

* High level of commitment to always deliver high quality sessions.

* Always striving to improve themselves and others.


* One of the things I love about Quad is that all communication is through emails !!

* Extremely prompt in replying to emails as well.

* Strict adherence is given to timing.

* Admire their detached attachment.


* It’s a blessing to see a community where everyone is treated the same irrespective of age, gender, squatting or pressing weight!

* Refreshing to see people being genuinely happy for others.


* Huge relief to realise that dieting is not starving but it is eating right.

* Always suggest innovative and interesting ways to prepare and eat healthy stuff.

* Ensure that following a diet plan can be fun too.

Support outside class

* Ever ready to help you with your fitness goals by giving you a detailed training plan.

* Analyse and give you an honest feedback about your data.

* Patiently listen to your concerns and guide you in the right way.

Personal Attention

* The personal attention you get from the Quad squad is unparalleled. They watch you like a hawk and can read your mind like a book. They put you at ease the moment they realise you are having a bad day be it in terms of your mental state or physical condition.

* Generous in appreciating a good set or routine.

* Being aware and sensitive of individual constraints and modifying a move to suit each one.


* For me personally, my endurance levels have definitely started improving post Quad.

* Always end up feeling recharged after class


* The sessions are always laced with subtle humor which makes the whole working out experience worthwhile.

* No two workouts are designed the same way which keeps it interesting.

New Skills

* Realised importance of nutrition, rest and recovery.

* I dont beat myself silly for not being at par with the rest of the class. I know if I keep working at it, I will get there.