Arvind S

I’m a kind of person who hates monotony. I would always want to experience different things in whatever I do and not just workout. The very moment I did my evaluation session with Bharathi, I was damn sure this thing is going to be really exciting and I could not have been more right. The team of coaches Bharathi, Sundar, Sudeesh and Kiron have been awesome in training me and fellow folks. They exhibit thorough professionalism and expertise in what they do.

I have been training here for the last two quarters and I’m fitter than what I was a decade ago. The trainers are there for you all the time and not just during the training hours. I was able to reach out to them whenever I need and whatever information I want.

Training with The Quad not only made me fitter physically but after every session, I would go out of the venue feeling more confident and I now have a more positive outlook towards life. This byproduct, I would say is what I didn’t signup for and in my opinion is the most exciting part here at TheQuad. I really thank the founders Arvind and Raj for making Chennai people much more fitter and healthier. Special thanks to my coaches Bharathi, Sundar, Sudeesh and Kiron.. Love you all!

On the strength part, I’ve moved from a 45 sec plank to a 2 min: 45 sec plank. From a wall push-up to an almost floor push-up. From not being able to press a 6 kg bell to now comfortably push pressing a 10-kg bell. I can go on. Yes, I am one of those that looks forward to quarter end benchmarks 😀

But as I reflect, there’s also been a third and SUCH an important dimension that’s been an outcome of training – my mental health. It’s been quite a hustle-hustle always-a-million-things-on-plate kind of a year, and if I manage to stay relatively chill on a daily basis, I’d say training has had a big role in that.

I am literally walking around like a Duracell bunny on most days; it’s a great feeling and I look forward to staying that way!