Anusha K S

The most important goal for me when I started Quad Virtual was to get off the couch and move around. My coach ensured I did just that and by the end of the quarter I was feeling good and my energy levels had improved. Next quarter’s goal was to do a 10k and my Coach helped me finish it in style (we targeted an hr and 15 mins and I finished it in 1.14.55. Through all this I realized only one thing, to celebrate small wins. I don’t have a transformational story but I had a lot of small wins which were more important for me.

I changed the way I eat which was a very big deal for someone like me. I hated my veggies but now my plate has turned and veggies make a larger portion. The highlight is I don’t mind it being that way. I enjoy my food even now. My earlier diets never helped me sustain my weight loss but this helps me maintain my weight. I’ve made a sustainable change to my eating and I don’t ever feel guilty about my cheat meals. My whole approach to looking at fitness and food has changed thanks to my coach Chow. My Coach and me share a very special bond and she’s there for me anytime and everytime. She not only helps me pick myself up, she knows when to put me in my place. I love this about her.

I would for sure recommend this program for anyone looking to make a change to their lifestyle. Celebrate small wins. It’s not all about the weight. My most valuable learning would be this – Any change you make should be sustainable.