Anand S

I joined The Quad’s BootCamp in April 2017. It has been a wonderful experience getting trained by their coaches. The most vital aspect that I’ve observed is how they customise solutions for every individual, no matter age, gender, physical conditions, pain etc.

The quality of strength training coaching done at The Quad is unparalleled. They lay huge emphasis on set-up and form, which is important to ensuring we get stronger without experiencing pain or an injury. I have not heard of any gym where there is such a close supervision, especially for kettlebell training. Makes us feel safe.

They taught me that fitness must be embraced as a way of life. The most wonderful thing that I’ve seen at The Quad is that while your strengths are encouraged and pushed, they also motivate you to work on your weaknesses. For example, I am not good at jump ropes. Following the inspiration from my coach, I have started practicing at home now and I’ve improved quite a lot!

All along, it has been a great learning experience. I have already recommended The Quad to many people and would continue to do so strongly in the future!