Aishwarya V

What worked for me was how easy the instructions were to follow – just eat all of this and none of the rest! Plus getting introduced to whey proteins and advice on which products/brands to choose was very helpful. Having the weekly measurement routine and getting feedback on it was also very motivating.

I really enjoyed working with Anu – she was knowledgeable, quick to respond to my questions, adapted my meal plans to suit my dietary preferences, and gave me great tips for times I had to travel/eat out, etc..

This is the only program I’ve tried, so I don’t have anything to compare to… But I’ve followed Quad on social media for a long time, and it was an easy decision to reach out..

I had had my second child and had just stopped breastfeeding when I signed up to the program. At that point, I felt like my eating was a bit out of order and I needed some help getting things back on track, and that’s exactly what the program did for me!

For me, the program really helped bring back awareness to what and how much I needed to eat everyday. Having the whey as an option was great..