Abhishek Bharathkumar

The Quad is probably the best thing that has happened to me since September 2016.

I have been motivated and driven to ensure I attend most of the classes and I am sure I have done a great thing with that! I don’t feel the irritation to wake up at 5 AM for a 6 AM class. I am only super kicked in the mornings!

Call it “me time”, dedication, discipline or whatever, The Quad just blends all of these!

Especially the last 4 months have been terrible personally (recovering from a surgery). But The Quad has supported me always both at BootCamp and outside. Also, I am most certain that results will start showing soon as I am pretty committed to what I’ve been doing. It’s a two way thing, when we show commitment; The Quad team just goes beyond and helps us with our goals!

In addition to this, The Quad team has done a fab job in doing extra stuff like Fat Loss Challenges, Ultimate Frisbee Coaching, Play with Kids etc. I am awestruck by the way the programs are designed.

Special thanks to Kanchana, Magesh, Sudeep, Bharati and the entire NGS team. And to the other teams working in different locations!

We (the trainees) must be thanking you guys for the relentless job you guys are doing day after day for the last 6 years. Very impressive and I’m inspired by your success!

Arvind and Raj – TAKE A BOW!!!!

Hoping to continue as long as I can..

– – –

Abhishek Bharathkumar trains with The Quad at the Teynampet centre. He has been training with us for over 12 months now, and is wonderful addition to our community. His enthusiasm is infectious, his dedication is admirable and he has grown stronger with every passing week!