Why Strength Training Is The Elixir You Need In Your Life

By Vanshika

Apr 4, 20232 mins read

Why Strength Training Is The Elixir You Need In Your Life

In today's world, where most people stress about meeting deadlines or taking care of their children, they tend to neglect their health. Strength training is one of the essential components in improving one's life quality as it helps one get on track with all aspects of their life.

Strength training is more than just working out. It is about taking ownership of your body and what it can do for you. It's about how much better it can make us feel when we work with our bodies, instead of against them.

But first, what is strength training?

Simply put, it's a type of physical exercise that strengthens the muscles and boosts metabolism. It can improve your physical appearance, heart health, and bone health. Strength training is vital for everyone - including men and women, young and old, athletes or not.

It's not surprising that lifting weights provides so many benefits since it works on the body from the inside out.

Here are some of them:

Helps build resilience

When lifting weights, you're putting yourself through a lot. It's not only about building muscle mass but also about building resilience and perseverance.

You learn how to build up your strength when things get tough when you lift weights. You understand that no matter what happens in life, good things will come your way if you work hard and stay positive.

Improves joint heath


Be it lifting water cans or carrying heavy luggage, you can do it all when you have strong joints.

Strength training increases flexibility and mobility in muscles so they can move more freely without getting sore or tight afterward. It also helps keep your joints healthy by strengthening cartilage.

Helps prevent disease

Strength training canimprove your heart health by lowering cholesterol levels, raising good cholesterol, and improving your blood pressure. It is also an essential tool against osteoporosis, which is why it's highly recommended for older adults.

Strength training reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It also lowers the risk of severe health problems in the future, such as stroke or cancer.

Great for your mental health


Exercising is crucial for staying healthy, but what if you want to focus more on improving your mood? There are many ways in which strength training improves your mental health.

These include               

  • better sleep quality      
  • reduced anxiety           
  • improved self-esteem       
  • sense of control       
  • improved mood.        

No wonder strength training is an awesome way to keep your mind and body healthy!

Works wonders for your brain

Research shows that lifting weights can prevent your brain from degenerating. It protects the particular areas in your brain responsible for cognitive performance. Strength training prevents these areas from shrinking over time to prevent memory loss or other cognitive disabilities.

It also reduces inflammation in your brain, boosting your brain health.

Now you know why strength training is the ultimate form of exercise you need in your life. It doesn't just make you stronger on the outside but also works on your mental health.

Whatchu waiting for? Come start lifting with us already!

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