Tired Of Mediocre Fitness Coaches? Let's Get You A Terrific One!

By Lavanya

Mar 8, 202410 mins read

Tired Of Mediocre Fitness Coaches? Let's Get You A Terrific One!

Okay we will say it: there is a glut of inadequately trained fitness coaches out there. 

Controversial opinion? Definitely. But unfortunately, a truthful one too. How do we know this? Because we have been in this industry for more than 12 years now, having disrupted the fitness industry with our innovative model when the norm was the bog-standard gym. We know how to spot an amazing trainer; more importantly, we also know how to train a good coach into a great teacher. 

This is why we feel well-placed to talk about what to look for in a good coach and how you may go about finding one. The caliber of your coach and your equation with them plays a pivotal role in your fitness journey, after all! 

Drill Sergeants, exit stage left

A lot of people think to be a good personal trainer, you need to be able to blow the eardrums off your clients from the get-go. You may have heard great things about them, about the kind of results they bring about. But unless you are in the army boot camp, you do not need someone getting into your face and shouting expletives to get you moving. We are not training to get into S.W.A.T teams here! 

Fitness is important, yes but for most of us, it is a part of a larger whole. We all have other requirements on our time and energy, mental and physical. Many a trainee at The Quad have spoken about how their time with us is their therapy, their "me time", their investment in themselves. Extra motivation isn't built on decibel levels! So, a soft-spoken coach can be just as effective (may be more?) as a super strict one! 

What is more important is how skilled your coach is. 

Is your coach certified? 

A bachelor's degree in exercise science is not the only way to become a fitness professional. There are many reputable agencies out there providing personal trainer certification, whipping individuals into dedicated fitness coaches, and training them in different modalities and methodologies. From different training modalities to disciplines to specialisations such as coaching women, senior citizens, or the injured, there are various certifications to be had. 

But what is equally important is this: does your coach have a good training plan for you? Is it tailored to fit your fitness goals? Good trainers consider the individual needs of their clients whilst crafting the training program. Does your coach vary the program as per the local conditions? For example, do you do lower-intensity work on hot days or spend more time warming up your muscles on cold mornings? Does he give you easy runs on days you are not feeling it but push you hard when he knows you have plenty in the tank? 

Above all, are you looking forward to your training session? 

Does he look the part? 

Now this is a trick. There is no "coach look"; as with their clients, fitness coaches come in various shapes and sizes. Not all of them are built like Steve Rogers! Choosing or rejecting a coach because of how they look is incredibly short-sighted. How they look does not impact how they teach. Curvy, plus-sized yoginis can be just as flexible as their smaller counterparts. 

One of the stories Coach AA loves to tell his class involves his favorite coach from his CrossFit SF days. One day when they were warming up before class started, they spotted a tightrope strung around shin-level, between two pillars. 

At that time, the Coach walked in. Possibly spotting his trainees eyeing it, he walked up to the tightrope. Even as the class watched in amazement, this bear of a man proceeded to walk the rope with all the grace and agility of an acrobat! Jumping off at the end, he turned and laughed at the expressions on his trainees' faces! 

"You lot thought I couldn't do it, huh?" And proceeded to whup their behinds in class! 

Online personal trainer vs face to face


This is something we have discussed in detail many times. With a thriving virtual community, we can attest to the efficacy of virtual training. If you are living in a small town, with zero access to quality coaches, an online trainer might be your only option.  

The only difference between a face-to-face coach and an online one is the method of delivery, that's all. Everything else remains equal: skill, experience, are they able to inspire you, etc.

One important factor in an online coaching program is class size. Is your coach a trained group fitness instructor? If yes, do you train in a big group or a small group? Some of us prefer group training, for the extra energy it brings to the room. But this also means that the focus of the coach is often split in many different directions. This is where the number of coaches comes into play. 

At places like The Quad, a main coach will run the class but will also be assisted by many trainers who will be wandering around, keeping an eagle eye on the trainees. In-person or virtual, having multiple pairs of eyes focused on a training class is the way to ensure the trainees are well looked after and don't come to harm.  

When you sign up for your online coaching program, be sure to ask about the coach: student ratio and how many trainers will be around during a session. 

Does your coach prioritize their fitness?


This is a valid point to consider: how much time and effort is your coach putting into their fitness? Is being active, a large part of their daily routine? Or are they so rushed off their feet, trying to juggle their various responsibilities, that their wellness has fallen by the wayside? 

Above all, does your coach have a fitness mindset? These individuals are fitness coaches because doing so is synonymous with living their best life. They prioritize physical activity by actively choosing to keep moving. They enjoy a pizza on Friday night (with zero guilt!) just as much as they enjoy a game of badminton with friends on Sunday afternoon. They understand that fitness is beyond the three hours per week you spend at your gym. It is how you approach life. By doing so, they inspire people in their orbits to make healthier choices. 

While there are many, many qualities you need to take into account, what we have listed here should form your minimum baseline. Be choosy and never settle. By doing so, you also ensure your coach always brings their A game! 

If you want to know what it feels like to train with the expert coaches at The Quad, take the next step: call us today and set up a trial session.