Is Strength Training Suitable For People Of All Ages?

By Lavanya

May 28, 202410 mins read

Is Strength Training Suitable For People Of All Ages?

In a word: yes. Strength training is not only suitable but it is beneficial, for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. 

But how we approach this varies with age, body type, past experiences, and so on. 

We have written plenty on the benefits of strength training. We have long extolled the virtues of weight training on our bodies, our joints, our bone density, and our muscle strength. If you want to shed years of age from your frame, then the best way is to do some strength training exercises every day. Any good fitness coach or personal trainer worth their salt (and their cert!) ought to be able to put together a good strength training program best suited to your age.

But let us see how the effect and the approach differ with age, shall we?

Strength training for young children


There used to be a myth that children are too young to be taught to work with weights, and that weight training will hurt their young bodies. But we now know this to be emphatically untrue. When the Quad started Quad Play and invited a whole bunch of children from 8 years onwards to learn about lifting weights, we heard a horrified gasp or two, along with some murmurs about growth plates and whatnot.

It wasn't too long before we could demonstrably prove that children not only benefit from early exposure to resistance training, but it is good for their growing bodies. And by introducing them early to the rigours of strength training, children learn to respect their bodies and nourish them in the best way. 

So what ought to be the focus when the trainees are young? Learning new skills, honing them correctly, and above all, having fun! Children are naturally more flexible than adults and have a low tolerance level. While leg days and chest days are not for them, weight rooms certainly are! 

Incorporating the training into everyday activities helps to engage their interest and to make it easy for them to stick to. Gamifying the learning, as we did at Quad Play, will always bring the younger children back for more! 


When they hit their teens, our awareness of our bodies goes up several notches. By engaging in muscle-strengthening activities, they can improve their muscular strength,  bone density, and overall fitness. This will come in handy when they engage in team sports at school. Strong muscles will help the young athletes with their athletic performance and avoid getting injured. 

But sports performance isn't the only gain. Even if your adolescent isn't interested in playing sports, there is plenty of good in getting stuck into strength training. From improving their self-esteem - always a dicey prospect during the dreaded teens - to improving their bone density, muscle growth and balance, strength training has a lot of positives, that last a life time. Whatever kind of resistance training they engage in, the training will have a great impact on their cognitive function and mental health. 

One of the biggest advantages of getting into strength training at a young age is the higher chance of them continuing with the practices as they get older. They understand the merits of lifting weights on their growing bodies, which might spark a lifelong interest in pursuing physical fitness. This may well reduce the abuse they put their bodies through when they get to college and away from their parents' influence and ground rules. 

Strength training and adults


As with most adults, the relentless marching of Time comes as a rude shock when it holds a mirror to our drastically dwindling strength. With it, the need to not ignore essential components of strength training like warm up exercises and a cool down session. 

Proper form is a must, especially in older adults. The last thing we want to do is run the risk of injury! Incorportating exercises involving the major muscle groups, by way of resistance bands, weight machines or free weights, while having a solid eye on proper technique is the best and simplest way to a lifetime of health. Whatever be the aim - reducing body fat, disease control, keeping a handle on chronic disease or reducing muscle loss due to age - sticking to a well-structured, well-supervised program is essential for healthy adults.  

Loss of muscle mass, loss of balance, loss of bone density, these are all some of the issues that strength training can help adults of all age groups with. 

Strength training is invaluable for the good health of our body and mind, no matter the age. 

But what is equally important is tailoring the program based on the requirements, medical conditions and abilities. By consulting with qualifying individuals, such as health care professionals and trained fitness coaches like the ones at The Quad, you can enjoy your pursuit of vigorous physical activity and overall health, without fear of injury or ridicule. 

If you are keen to learn how we can help, no matter your age, schedule a call with our team today.