How To Sleep Better When The Mercury Keeps On Soaring

By Lavanya

May 17, 202410 mins read

How To Sleep Better When The Mercury Keeps On Soaring

How ridiculous is this heat? Between the after-effects of El Nino and global warming, summer in India is beginning to feel like the ninth rung of Hell. With the relentless heat, chances are every aspect of our life is disrupted - and this may well include our sleep. 

Sleep is vital to all of us. We all need an average of 8 hours of sleep to be able to function well. It is of course true that not all of us manage this but this is a number we must all aim towards. 

Unfortunately, rising heat can disrupt our sleep cycle, wreaking havoc on our systems. So, what can we do to mitigate this? 

Cool it down


Most of our homes have the benefit of air-conditioners. These give us a much-needed respite from the searing heat of the sun. So much so that we might be tempted to remain indoors, where it can be a cool 20 degrees C all day long! 

Not only is this bad for the environment (just try standing near where your AC’s external vent is!) but it also isn’t good for you! The extremes in the temperature between the outside and the inside are harmful to our bodies. Set your thermostat to mid-20s, so your room is pleasantly cool, not arctic cold! 

Ventilation is key

During the mornings and late evenings, air out your rooms, Even if there’s not much fresh breeze to speak of, it still helps to get rid of the stale indoor air. Air circulation is necessary and by ensuring as much fresh air in your room, your sleep quality will be that much better. Remember to keep your windows closed during the hottest part of the day!

Practice good sleep hygiene

Dress your bed with good cotton sheets. These natural fibers will help your skin breathe better. Try to stick to a similar sleep time every day to help your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Also, wear loose cotton clothes to bed to help your body’s natural cooling mechanism. If possible, take a short, light shower before bed to help cool your body down further. 

Hydration is key

This goes without saying - our bodies are mostly made of water and in the summer, we need to be mindful of this and top up our body’s resources. This means a variety of things. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bed is an important one. These will dehydrate our bodies and will result in restless sleep. Not exactly what we want at any time! Also, it is a good idea to taper your water intake well before bed, so as to not end up with a full bladder at 3 AM.  

Move that body


Literally, the last thing we want to do during this clammy heat is to exercise. We get it! But it is important to keep moving. Without movement, our bodies will feel sluggish and this will in turn create a lot more hassle for us in the long run. So, why not get some light exercise in, as close to daybreak? At the Quad, the 5 AM classes see a big boost in numbers especially during the summer quarter, as our patrons want to get their training done before the sun opens its mighty eyes! 

Nothing can undo the effects of the harsh summer coming our way. But with some careful planning and a bit of thought, we can help mitigate the harshes of its effects on our bodies. Keep safe in the heat!