Coach Series: Satish

By Lavanya

Jan 23, 20245 mins read

Coach Series: Satish

In a series entitled “Get to know your Coach”, we present to you the various members of the Quad Squad. You might have seen them on our different social media video clips, heard them speak on our podcast; now you learn a little bit more about what makes them tick. 

The next coach to come out from behind the curtain is Satish. Part of our team at our NGS centre as well as the Quad Virtual Evening team, he comes from a strong background in fitness and coaching.


Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Satish. I used to be a basket ball coach cum fitness coach in various engineering colleges before, for about 18 years! Now I am now a full time of the Quad Squad.

What made you get into fitness, in general and coaching in particular?

I am a born athlete and love to participate at all levels of sports. My previous history on sports is weight lifting!

What is your favourite part of being a coach at The Quad? 

My presence here itself is my favorite! I love being a part of the Quad Squad as well as our extensive community. 


What is your coaching style? 

Easily understandable coaching with drills to students to learn efficiently.

Tell us more about your role at The Quad.

I run the warm up session at our NGS centre, as well as running small group coaching of the trainees. Some behind the scenes work such as attendance and logistics, as well. Then over to work with the Quad Virtual Evening team, where I liaise with Coach KK. Three days a week, I take warm up sessions and extra classes for our Virtual trainees. 

For anyone interested in becoming a fitness coach themselves, what advice would you give? 


(Succint or what?)

What do you do in your downtime? 

I am a total family man. So beyond work, I prefer to spend time with my family.

Thank you so much for telling us a bit more about you Satish! 

Who would you like to hear from next? Send us your requests!