Breaking Plateaus: Revitalize Your Weight Loss Journey Part-1

By Lavanya

May 15, 202420 mins read

 Breaking Plateaus: Revitalize Your Weight Loss Journey Part-1

You have been doing everything by the book: sticking to the meal plan helpfully provided by your coach, not missing a session at the gym, watching your eating like a hawk. But the needle on the scale is stuck on the same darned point for weeks.

Talk about frustrating!

You have been putting in your best efforts day after day, only for the scale to not budge? How rotten is that? What else can you do, apart from screaming into the void?

Understand the plateau


What is a plateau? This is a common occurrence that everyone who sets off on a weight loss journey faces at some point or another. In fact, it is so common it may well be a rite of passage! It is not an affront to you personally, nor a scheme sent to test your resolve. It is just your body easing into the new order. It might be holding on to your extra kilos as it has gotten used to being at this comfortable weight. Our bodies are weird that way - make our knee joint ache because of the extra kilos in the middle, but when you actually try to do something about it, hold on to it in a stubborn fashion!

A plateau is a holding pattern. It is not a regression. Keep the faith in the process and focus on the fact that you are not sliding backwards. Keep putting the efforts and soon, your body will adjust to the new status quo. And the needle will start moving.

But how to bust through a plateau? Are there any short cuts to it?

Not really. We are the opposite of quick fixes and fad diet strategies and the last thing we want to do is for you to cause your body’s inner mechanism any harm.

Having said that, there are some things you can try to keep things interesting.

Carb recycling

Now, this is something you can adopt to switch things up a bit. If you are in the habit of strength training thrice a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, keep those days as your high carb days. Your bodies will need the extra oomph from the carbs to recover from the rigours of your training.

On the non-training days, lower your carb intake. Not drastically, mind you. Just by 300 calories or so. Enough to make a change but not so much you would faint with hunger. Eat nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, beans, eggs etc so you are satiated and not tempted to break into the biscuit tin in the dead of the night.

A couple of weeks of this might give your system a kick to switch into a higher gear and knock you off that plateau.

Vary your workouts

What do you do on your non-training days? If gentle walks is what your current plan is, how about altering this slightly? Take up swimming. Or salsa dancing. Or join the local badminton league. Or parkour in the park, with the experts.

By altering our routine slightly, we can keep our body guessing. And not allow it to fall into a rut.

Go up in weights

This is something that needs to have the blessing of your Coach. But oftentimes, we feel comfortable with our weight choices, even going as far as having our favourite bells! We don’t even seem aware that what was a challenging weight before has now become easy.

This won’t give your body the necessary challenge. Change things up by moving up in weights. Or stick to the same weights but increase the rep range. Or decrease the tempo. All of these challenge your body in different ways, putting it under stress.  It is when we challenge our body that good things happen.

Setting realistic goals

Quite often, we lose our minds a bit when it comes to goal setting. We end up with this fantasy version of ourselves from 20 years back, before life and gravity took a whack at us. We set impossible targets to hit and start working towards it.

Self preservation comes naturally to our bodies. They will not allow us to overdo things too much, not without protest anyway. One such is a weight loss plateau, when our bodies are like “hang on, are you sure this is what you want to be doing? What if there is a famine tomorrow?”

Go over your goals. Are they unreasonable? Should you adjust accordingly?

Mindset over matter


It may seem New Age-y but our mindset matters hugely. Yes, weight loss is a physical journey you take your body through but one aided by a positive mindset. Allow yourself some grace, do not fill your head with negative thoughts and focus on the day after you reach your target. How do you think you would feel?

Soak in that feeling. Let that fill you up. Positive affirmations and encouragement will cause your body to remain in a safe space and not get unduly stressed. Manifest it! And you can make it happen.

Cut yourself some slack

This is the only body you have got. This is your only home. So treat it with love, compassion and care. Practice self love. Do not talk to yourself negatively. Develop a resilient mindset. Above all, be kind to yourself. You are not taking part in a race. There is no medal waiting for you at the end of it.

Whatever methodology you are on, it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture. One plateau should not derail you and your efforts.

Consistency and determination will carry you forward, one way or another. Stick to the plan, keep the faith and ride the plateau.

We know you got this. If you think you need a bit more help - be it with accountability, community support or expert guidance - The Quad is ever ready to step in. Get in touch with us today with your requirement and we will help you achiever the results you have been aiming for.