6 Proven Ways To Achieve Consistency With Your Strength Training

By Lavanya

Jul 3, 20245 mins read

6 Proven Ways To Achieve Consistency With Your Strength Training

We are big proponents of strength training, here at the Quad (duh!). Whether you are a young child or a super senior adult, resistance training will benefit you without a shadow of doubt. 

No matter your fitness goals, strength training is a great way to achieve them. But no strength training program can make a difference without a magic ingredient: consistency. 

For any program, any regime to work, we need to put in consistent, sustained efforts. So, what are the most effective ways to ensure consistency? 

6 ways to consistency

1. Be incredibly choosy with your coach / personal trainer. 


This will pay dividends in the long run, right from the beginning when they craft you a brilliant workout plan. A good training program ought to make you go back for more. It should address all your concerns, give you a well-rounded workout and have rest days built in for your body to recharge. 

A good coach will also help get rid of any unrealistic expectations you may have and minimize the risk of injury. They will also help you with goal setting and making lifestyle changes. 

2. It takes a village. So get yourself a good fitness tribe. 

Like-minded people are priceless when it comes to consistency. You cannot embrace change in your life without Involving your family members and friends. They will help keep you on the straight and narrow, by ensuring you are sticking with your new plan. 

Your fitness tribe also encompasses the people you train with. The biggest part of the success of every trainee at the Quad is our amazing community. They root for one another, cheer each other into pushing themselves hard and make every hard session worth it. 

3. Partner up! 

A good workout buddy is worth their weight choice in gold. Your training partner will inspire you to push and this is priceless. Getting up, getting ready and getting to the gym day after day after day is a huge commitment. So is ticking all the other boxes - getting enough protein in, keeping up with your water intake, getting adequate sleep and so on. 

When you feel like throwing in the towel and undoing all your good work, your training partner will come in handy in ensuring you don’t ditch. If you are to show up to class at 5 am on a cold, rainy morning, knowing your workout buddy is there ready to help you rack your weights and cheer you on will definitely lift your spirits.

4. Never go 2 days without missing your exercise routine.

Gym consistency takes a hit when you let your lethargy and inertia set in. We are all creatures of habit. Building muscle takes time and effort. Knowing consistent training is the only way and being diligent with it, are two different things entirely.

Taking a day off every now and again is inevitable. Life gets in the way, after all. But never let these off days accumulate. Then it becomes a slippery slope. If you are travelling and are unable to stick to your regular classes, see if you can go for a swim. Or a run. Or just put on your shoes and clock in your 10,000 steps. It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters that you do not let it become a pattern. 

5. Make a conscious effort. Actively choose to train. 

A consistent workout routine is not created in a vacuum. Long-term consistency will come about only when we actively choose to move, instead of vegging out. Ask your favourite coach about this and chances are, they will say that choosing movement is a conscious decision. 

Choosing your health doesn’t mean it is a dull and dispiriting path you have chosen to tread. Coaches eat biryani and ice cream too! They also never stop moving. Whether it is playing a sport with friends or cycling to work, make the choice to move more. 

6. Feel free to use any and all tools. 


Prep your gym bag; get your gym clothes ready the previous night. Get a fitness tracker. Get an app. Mark it in your Google calendar. 

A regular workout schedule will also need work. If this means utilising any and all gadgets and tools you can get your hands on, so be it. Make whatever choices you have to make to reduce the friction in your choices. 

Remember: your fitness journey is for life. This is not a short-term, 12 week extreme routine or the next "shiny" object. Making physical activity a way of life is vastly underrated. Healthy habits need to be for life, for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Your physical and mental health will thank you.

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