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What is ThinkStrength?

It’s not about which Instagram fitness celebrity he follows or about how many pull-ups she has. It’s definitely not about which Keto recipe is the closest tasting to bread. Because nothing comes close to real bread.

Don’t let the snazzy, glamourous world of fitness derail you from the truth. And the truth? You need to do the work. You need to stay patient. You need a good coach to guide you through the process. And the best part is, you can do this from anywhere you are in the world.

Presenting ThinkStrength – The Quad’s Online 12-week Fitness Coaching Programme where you get the opportunity to work one-on-one with a coach from The Quad Squad!

We believe that strength is paramount to your success, whatever your goal may be. You could looking to lose weight, get rid of pain, improve your fitness levels, step up your athletic performance or your endurance – you need strength to get there. And we’ve been serving up strength to thousands of people over the past 7 years.

Now it’s your turn. And wherever you are in the world, you can now train with The Quad!

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What do I get when I sign up?

A personalised 10 week plan tailor made to get you to the next level in terms of fitness. You will be matched 1-on-1 with one of our certified fitness coaches, who’ll design a customized fitness plan for you. Depending on your current level of fitness and your goals, your coach will focus on teaching you basic functional strength and movement quality – this is the path to you achieving your fitness goals.

Who is ThinkStrength for?

Have you spent hours on a treadmill because someone told you cardio is the only way to lose fat? Have you always bought an annual gym membership in January, only to forget it exists before March rolls by? Always wanted to do pushups and pullups but never knew how to progress? Unable to progress with your current workout regimen?

Whether you prefer working out at home, or have access to a local gym, or have felt all of the above and don’t know where to begin, ThinkStrength has you covered!

Strength and Movement Quality Is Our Big Secret.

Strength lies at the core of everything we do. We make you understand how to use strength as a tool to achieve any fitness goal. Your body is designed for movement and your muscles are created for strength. The more you move, the easier it becomes. By working on functional movements, and through resistance training, we help your body move better, feel better, perform better, and without a doubt, look better. And because of our focus on strength and ensuring you move the right way, you see real change.

Training Programme, Not A Bunch Of Random Workouts

With ThinkStrength, you aren’t just given a bunch of workouts to do that just burn you out and don’t really have a roadmap in sight. Our training programmes are designed like a journey with a destination in mind – your goal. Every single part of the programme has been put there for a reason, and all of it points to your goal. All you need to do is stay diligent, committed and trust in the process. We take care of everything else.

Only The Best Coaching And Mentoring

We don’t just send you a PDF of a vague fitness plan and let you figure things out. Reference videos, 1-on-1 coaching on technique and form, weekly phone calls and unlimited email conversations – all of this to ensure you are progressing regularly without injuring yourself.

Pricing – ThinkStrength

Our 12-week programme is priced at Rs. 15,000 + GST, with one-on-one access to a certified fitness coach from The QuadSquad, a customised training plan catered to your specific goals, weekly phone calls and compliance tools as well.

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