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What is ThinkRealFood?

What if we told you that you never have to be on a diet again, but still use food as an enjoyable tool to achieve your fitness goals?

No more crash diets, no calorie counting and definitely no lemon-honey-water.

ThinkRealFood is The Quad’s personalised nutrition coaching service where we help you fix your relationship with food, for life. An 8 week personalised coaching program designed to make you achieve your goals, ThinkRealFood helps you get on the fast lane to understanding and implementing a sustainable way to eat your way to fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or become healthy, ThinkRealFood is designed to move you away from dieting, and move you towards transformational knowledge and progress.

Our Philosophy

When it comes to nutrition, our philosophy can be summed up in three words: Think. Real. Food.

Somehow over the years, the subject of food has become stressful when it came to fat loss. And this was fueled by the several fancy-named fad diets, with every one of them claiming to be the best one around. Diets that everyone from Manhattan to Madras try to follow, without an understanding of whether it is suitable to their lifestyle, their seasons, their produce and even their tastes. And that’s why we believe that people don’t fail diets. Diets fail people.

Our approach to nutrition is about consuming high quality foods in the right quantities, cooked or prepared in ways that help you look, feel and move better while not compromising on the taste. Through this program, you will learn to assess your eating habits and start eating healthy real food in quantities that are appropriate for you.

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What do I get when I sign up?

A personalised 8 week plan that’ll fix your food habits for life. We’ll give you specifics on what foods and beverages to consume, along with the quantities. You will be matched 1-on-1 with one of our certified nutrition coaches, who will work with you consistently on education, compliance and long-term habit change. 

Who is the programme for?

Have you spent months and years experimenting with different diets only to be met with zero to minimal results? Have you been unable to stick to any particular diet, tried too hard only to give up real quick and go back to binge-eating? Does ‘eating healthy’ stress you out?

Then you need to ThinkRealFood right now.

Why? Read on to find out more about the tenets of our philosophy.

Fat Loss. Not Weight Loss.

Bodyweight, or the number on your weighing scale is what most people are looking to alter when it comes to fitness. Sure, it is an indicator of how much your body weighs, but it is no way an indicator of whether you are actually fit. While just ‘dieting’ can give you temporary weight loss, real fat loss means changing your body composition. And that needs smart nutritional principles, opening your mind to the science and facts of nutritional research and most importantly, fixing your eating habits.

Nutrient Density. Not Calorie Counting.

An apple is an apple, not 100 calories. Thinking in terms of calories when you eat is just unsustainable over the long-term. While a calorie deficit will help you lose weight (not necessarily fat) in the short term, if you aren’t paying attention to the nutritional value of what you eat you will get nowhere. The simple switch from processed food to real food is a great way to begin!

Eat Local. Eat Seasonal. Eat Tasty!

As a society, we need to stop obsessing over the next fitness or nutritional epiphany that the western countries are having. Kale, kombucha and ketogenic diets maybe the buzz words you are hearing and reading about when you Google weight loss, but remember, nothing makes sense without context. We’ve helped hundreds of Indians lose weight, gain muscle and surpass their fitness goals by just teaching them how to eat local, seasonal and still eat clean.

Lifestyle Guidance. Not Diet Charts.

We don’t do diet charts. We don’t do recipes. And we definitely don’t do food logs. Our coaches work with you during an 8-week duration to integrate sensible eating into YOUR lifestyle. We don’t offer a one-size fits all standard diet you can find anywhere on the internet. Because that won’t work. Having a qualified, certified coach guiding you is key to the success of your programme with us. There aren’t too many legitimate experts around, and our coaches are the exception to the norm.


About Our Nutrition Coaches

Aarathi Shanmugam

Aarathi is a certified Nutrition Coach, and a biotechnologist with a Master’s degree in Stem Cell Biology from University of Minnesota. A lifelong physics and biology enthusiast, she has previously worked with translational medicine research and pharmaceutical companies, in both research and project managerial roles.  Her research focused on generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) Cells from various sources, and their differentiation into motor neuron progenitor cells, and testing their functionality in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Although she has dabbled in dancing, Aarathi’s tryst with fitness began when she moved back to Chennai after graduate school, and started working out with The Quad in early 2014. Simple, science backed fitness and nutrition changes helped her to immensely improve her overall strength, mobility and wellness. This fuelled her interest in exercise and sports nutrition, and led her to become certified as a nutrition coach in 2016. Understanding human metabolism, how we assimilate various nutrients and the impact of movement on the human body are her key area of interests.

In her spare time, you can find Aarathi curled up with a book and coffee, listening to Kendrick Lamar, or binge-watching comedy specials on Netflix.

Anupama Ganesh

Anupama Ganesh is a research scientist with a double Masters in Genetics and Immunology from University of California, Davis. Her research projects have focused on the human immune response to disease. Her lifelong passion for sports and athletics piqued her interest in the interaction of sports nutrition and immunity as well. She is keen on science communication in the context of nutrition, which brought her straight to The Quad. She sees this as a way to share authentic and valuable information with the general public in the hope that more people will understand the science behind how to feel great.

Anupama has been an athlete ever since she jumped into the swimming pool at age three and later went on to compete at a state level swim meet in Tamil Nadu. In following years, she placed in her age group in several triathlons and recently completed a marathon in California. She admits that she only discovered her fastest, fittest self when she finally started paying attention to nutrition and mental fitness in conjunction with training.  She believes that finding the right nutrition regimen for each individual is only a self-experiment (or two) away!

Giridar Gowrishankar

An MBA graduate who transitioned into the fitness and nutrition world after several stints at corporate roles, Giri now loves to work with people helping them eat right for life.  He is a certified Nutrition Coach at The Quad and his journey with fitness and nutrition over the last few years has taken him from being overweight to fit, weak and fat to lean, strong and healthy.

Giri has been working with trainees at The Quad on a 1:1 basis to teach them simple and sustainable ways of eating right and tracking progress with respect to both fitness and nutrition.

His patient, non-intrusive coaching style has helped folks achieve physical transformations. Giri loves Olympic weightlifting, strength training and jump ropes and when he is not doing anything related to fitness/nutrition, you will find him listening to loud music, watching football, lifting something heavy or all of it at the same time!

Pricing – ThinkRealFood

Our 8-week programme is priced at Rs. 15,000 + GST, with one-on-one access to a nutrition coach, a customised nutrition plan catered to your specific goals, weekly phone calls and compliance tools as well.

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