The Quad Is Now Virtually Yours!

The Quad’s Virtual BootCamp offers a structured 12-week virtual fitness training programme through LIVE coaching and instruction in a vibrant, closed group-class environment from the privacy of your home. With flexible morning and evening timings all through the week, you get to experience a variety of bodyweight workouts + programming, calisthenics based training, flow workouts, kettlebell training and so much more!

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Why Choose The Quad’s Virtual Bootcamp?

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    Team of 20+ expert coaches
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    2000+ hours of virtual training in the last year
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    6000+ global virtual trainees across 6+ countries
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    6+ live Zoom class options every day

Redefining Fitness in India since 2011

The Quad’s BootCamp™ in Chennai is the city’s most sought-after fitness experience and has helped over 5000 people discover their fittest selves over the last 10 years. With over 100,000 coaching hours and expertise within the team, our certified coaches have worked with beginners and athletes, desk jockeys and weekend warriors, children and older adults alike.

What you can expect?

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    Strategy Session with a senior coach to understand goals, expectations, medical history and injuries etc. A 30-minute phone or Zoom call to start things off on a strong(!) note!

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    WEEK 1-2

    Build The Foundation: Your first two weeks at The Quad are all about the basics. Here, we coach you on all basic movements and work on fixing your form and technique, so that you can confidently use them during the workouts safely.

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    WEEK 3

    Training Programme Begins: Once your fundamental movement patterns have improved, you will progress to the main programme. You will have a different workout on all 6 days of the week, focused on improving strength, endurance and movement quality.

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    WEEK 4-5

    Nutrition Guidance: Alongside your workouts, your coach will reach out to you for a mini food log from your end, and give you nutrition guidance on email as to how you can tweak your current eating habits to suit your goals.

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    WEEK 6-12

    Progress Benchmark & Tracking: As part of your main programme where you will be attending anywhere from 2-6 classes per week, you will begin to see small but sure progress in your movement patterns, strength, endurance and flexibility.


1. Is virtual fitness as effective as going to the gym?
Absolutely, but with the right direction! After having worked with beginners and intermediate folks alike for 10 years now, and for about 4 years virtually as well, we can confidently say it works, if you do the work. Our coaches are here to empower you, guide you and push you outside your comfort zone just as much as needed. Coaches are an integral part of how enjoyable your fitness journey is and the QuadSquad has achieved success in this, both virtually and in-person.
Absolutely yes! Almost 85% of our students start out as rank beginners. This is why we have dedicated your first 2 weeks of the programme towards Foundations Coaching, to ensure you master the basics.
Nope, you don’t need to be of any particular skill level to start. That said, you should not be currently injured or in pain. If you are, we will be connecting you to our in-house physiotherapist for a quick assessment to determine your eligibility to join.
Yes! Nutrition is an integral part of ensuring you see the results you are looking for. We provide nutritional guidance and support, and you can also upgrade to working personally with a nutrition coach at any point during your membership. We also frequently conduct challenges for our members to develop healthier eating and lifestyle habits. These are usually a great way to get started!
To begin with, when you’re just doing bodyweight based training, you don’t need any equipment. If and when you would like to attend the kettlebell-based training, you would need to buy kettlebell(s), in consultation with your coach. We will ensure that you are coached on all kettlebell basics before you start using it in your main classes.
Yes! Kids benefit greatly from exercise and building strength. With kids not being able to play outdoors like before, some form of exercise becomes critical for their development. If your child is 10+ years old, they can certainly train with us. The point of this will be for them to enjoy movement, not just weight loss. We will assess before they begin classes, just like for everybody else.
Strength & Conditioning Programme
Coach mentoring and support
Specific Nutritional Guidance
Quarterly Membership Price (excl. GST)

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