The Quad Is Now Virtually Yours!

The Quad’s Virtual BootCamp provides structured training through LIVE coaching and instruction in a vibrant, closed group-class environment. With flexible morning and evening timings all through the week, you get to experience a variety of bodyweight workouts + programming, calisthenics based training, flow workouts, kettlebell training and so much more!

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Why Choose The Quad’s Virtual Bootcamp?

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    A 12 week, well structured, high-quality LIVE virtual coaching program that focuses on goals and results
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    Goal-based programming, along with a foundational programme to fix basic techniques and movement patterns
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    Access to unlimited classes 6 days a week, with flexible timing options in the morning and evening
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    Access to a team of certified coaches and training plans that cater to your goals, lifestyle, and preferences
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    A holistic fitness program aimed at long-term lifestyle change and sustainable results
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    Beginner, intermediate and advanced level, where anyone can start or improve their current practice
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    Curriculum designed based on our experience from working with 1000s of students over 10 years

Redefining Fitness in India since 2011

The Quad’s BootCamp™ in Chennai is the city’s most sought-after fitness experience and has helped over 5000 people discover their fittest selves over the last 10 years. With over 100,000 coaching hours and expertise within the team, our certified coaches have worked with beginners and athletes, desk jockeys and weekend warriors, children and older adults alike.

What is The Quad's Virtual Bootcamp?

In 2020, The Quad’s Virtual BootCamp took centre stage as the safest way to workout as a community, from home. Over the past 3 years we've taken The Quad's expertise to people around the world - USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, UAE and more. Now, we've expanded our offerings to reach more people through the QuadVirtual platform. Group classes, Personalised programmes and coaching, workshops, and so much more - all dependant on what your goals are and what you need to get there.

Who is it for?

  • Aged between 13-60 years from anywhere in the world.
  • You should be looking to make sustainable changes to your fitness & health.
  • Your skill levels and goals do not matter to us – only the intent to actually make positive lifestyle change!
  • Whether you are a complete beginner to exercise, or a runner, cyclist, sports hobbyist or anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit, we are here to show you the way.

Who is it not for?

Anyone looking for a quick fix, a 30-day transformation or a miracle pill.

This program is about long-term, sustainable habits, and fixing your relationship with fitness!

Quarterly Membership Price (excl. GST)
6 Classes per week
3 Classes per week
Quarterly Membership Price (excl. GST)

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Why People Love The Quad

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