The Quad visits Bengaluru


You heard that right, we’re making our way up to Bengaluru for a weekend of fun, fitness and learning. We’re so excited to meet the community in Bengaluru, and give you a taste of what fitness with The Quad feels like.

Co-founders and Head Coaches Raj Ganpath and Arvind Ashok will be there to coach and conduct not one but two exciting sessions!

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Get Out, Get Moving (Outdoor Fitness) –


The Quad? Who is that?

The Quad is a fitness company founded by Arvind Ashok and Raj Ganpath, two guys who set out to redefine fitness in India 7+ years ago.

The Quad now runs 4 centres in Chennai with ~700 trainees, 20+ coaches and trainers with a total coaching experience of over 50,000 hours and a strong online community of thousands of people! We bring expertise and scientific programming into India’s fitness and nutrition landscape, and have helped thousands of people transform not just their fitness and lifestyle, but their perspective towards fitness itself. 

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What’s the plan in Bengaluru?

In collaboration with the wonderful folks at Rapid Sport Fitness – RSF (Koramangala) who will be hosting us, we bring to you two exciting events:



Arvind and Raj are certified kettlebell coaches who have taught kettlebell technique to 1000s of people and enabled them to achieve their fitness goals using this incredible tool. They have learnt from some of the best coaches in the world themselves, and are coming to Bengaluru just to work with you!

Date: Saturday, 27th October

Time: 7:30am to 9:30am

Venue: RSF Koramangala(directions)




A super fun outdoor workout session where Raj and Arvind will teach you some fundamentals, and you’ll get in a solid burner workout just before your Sunday brunch!

Date: Sunday, 28th October

Time: 6am to 7:30am

Venue: RSF Tiento(directions)



Who is this event for? Can I participate?

Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, an Ultimate Frisbee athlete, a triathlete, or someone who goes to the gym to stay fit – this event is for you.


Whether it is general fitness or sports performance that you are looking for – this event is for you.


If all you care about is weight loss, and are tired of all the treadmills and elliptical workouts – this event sure is for you.


Bangalore, you ready for us?

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