The Quad’s Strength & Conditioning

The Quadʼs S&C is what you need if you are looking to take your training to the next level. S&C stands for Strength and Conditioning, a standard term in the fitness industry, but one that’s not really heard much in India. Well, not any more.

If you are someone with certain base levels of strength and has done some kind of strength training in the past, or if you are a pro athlete or training to be one, or if you are just a fitness nut for whom just plain old working out doesn’t cut it anymore, then this is where you should be looking to take your goals to a whole new high.

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“Is S&C better than BootCamp? Will I get better results?”

It’s different. Because it serves different purposes. The BootCamp is for those who have a laid back approach to fitness but still want to lose weight, build muscle and improve movement patterns. S&C is for those who are more invested, committed and intent to improve performance, not just weight loss.

Think Goals. Think Commitment. Think Performance.

The Quad’s S&C is a precisely planned, more regimented, less frills training programme. If you are looking for shiny new toys, you might want to stick to The Quad’s BootCamp. But if you are serious, and we mean really serious, about your training goals and performance, then this is the right place for you.

When you are looking to take your existing training to the next level, you have to be in a program that is DESIGNED for the next level, bringing in a commitment that is next level. And that’s The Quad’s S&C for you. You give us your goals and commitment, we give you performance. No missed sessions. No variables left to chance. No stones left unturned to get you to the elusive next level. 

Pricing – The Quad’s Strength & Conditioning

The programme is for folks with experience in strength training, and for training athletes. With very limited spots, we offer spots based on experience, commitment and potential. Please contact us using the form below for pricing information.

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Unfortunately, we only have spots available in Perungudi at the moment.

This does NOT necessarily refer to 'working with weights' in a traditional gym. It refers to having been on a specific strength training programme under the guidance of a coach.


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