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The Quad’s BootCamp™

Outdoor training like never before, The Quad’s BootCampTM is an evidence-based training protocol built on strength training and functional fitness principles. Think fitness, fat loss and fun rolled into one!

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Virtual BootCamp

The Quad’s Virtual BootCamp is structured training provided to you through LIVE coaching and instruction in a vibrant closed online group class environment. With a calendar of classes + flexible morning and evening time options all through the week, you get to experience a variety of bodyweight workouts, calisthenics based training, flow workouts, kettlebell training and so much more!

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QuadVirtual Nutrition Coaching

The Quad’s Nutrition Coaching service provides you with individualised nutrition programmes that help you hit your goals and stay there! No more calorie counting, fad diets or vilifying entire food groups. You’ll learn to eat in a sustainable way that’ll fix your relationship with food for life.

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Events & Workshops

The Quad’s Workshops and Events are conducted periodically and are coaching-driven sessions that help you build skills and take your fitness to the next level. We conduct workshops for all skill levels and it’s a great way to learn and grow at your own pace. All curriculum is designed based on our experience of working with 1000s of students over 10 years

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