The Quad is now Virtually Yours

QuadVirtual is our online fitness & nutrition coaching service for anyone from anywhere in the world, at anytime. We bring the expertise and successes of The Quad to you virtually, in several formats and pricing variants including group training, nutrition/weight-loss coaching, bundle packages and more. We are working with thousands of people from all over the world, helping them take charge of their health!

Different goals need different roads.

While there is a ton of information available online from your friendly neighbourhood internet influencer about fitness and nutrition, how do you know what works best for YOU, or what YOU should be working towards?

Should you be focusing on losing weight? Should you be improving your stamina to feel better?
What should you be doing to get rid of that incessant back pain or knee pain?
How can you manage your thyroid issue? What about my PCOS?
What diet should you be on? What fitness plan should you follow? What if I’m a runner or a cyclist?

YOU. That’s the key word here.

Here are a few different ways in which you could work with The Quad currently from anywhere in the world: 

Virtual BootCamp

LIVE group coaching at its finest, The Quad’s BootCampTM has opened its virtual doors! Whether you are a beginner to exercise, a runner, cyclist, sports hobbyist or anyone who just wants to get fit with structured, curated, LIVE coaching from experts from the comfort of your home, this is for you. Monthly and quarterly memberships available.

Personalised Nutrition/Fitness Coaching

Nutrition is key to your goals, be it weight loss or not! If you prefer to work on your own and have very specific goals, this is your chance to work closely with a certified coach from the QuadSquad! You’ll receive a completely personalised 10-week programme that is tied to your goals, and weekly tracking and monitoring from your coaches. 4 week and 10 week programmes available.

Bulletproof Bundles

Become bulletproof in these tough times! The Quad’s Bulletproof Bundles are a holistic combination of our expertise and services that will help you take control of your health. If you feel the need for a complete lifestyle change, and would like to access a combination of our services, this is for you. All Bundles are 10 week goal-based programmes. 

Virtual Workshops

If you are currently on a fitness journey where you are looking to upgrade your skills and learn something that you can incorporate into your regimen, this is totally for you. Priced affordably, this is your chance to understand The Quad experience from the inside. Workshops are 60 or 90 minute sessions.

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Why Does The Quad’s Methodology Work?

Because it is rooted in science, evidence, experience and results. Our testimonials speak for itself.

At The Quad, we’ve worked with thousands of people and helped them surpass their intentions and goals for what they wanted from their bodies. We’ve helped several of people lose weight, get strong, prioritise physical and mental health, get rid of pain and discover a whole new world, a whole new self.

Hear it from them straight –

A Customised Programme, Not Something Off The Shelf

Fat loss, strength gain or improved performance is a journey with several pit-stops along the way. You cannot just ‘lose weight fast’ and expect to stay that way. We focus on fat loss for good, not just for a short while and this applies to any other fitness goal too. And for that, how you do this becomes very important. With QuadVirtual, 

“Training with you guys has been our best decision by far this year.”

– Nithya & Chander, Germany

Only The Best Coaching, Mentoring and Results

The coach will be the centre of your universe at QuadVirtual. We don’t just send you a PDF of a vague fitness plan and let you figure things out. Reference videos, 1-on-1 coaching on technique and form, weekly phone calls and unlimited email conversations – all of this to ensure you are progressing regularly without hating the process. You’ll learn to embed good fitness and nutrition habits into your lifestyle.

They are professional, knowledgeable and kept me on track.

– Bharath, Chennai

Sustainable Nutrition & Fitness. Say No To The Diet Culture & Meaningless Workouts.

An apple is an apple, not 100 calories. Thinking in terms of calories when you eat is just unsustainable over the long-term. While a calorie deficit will help you lose weight (not necessarily fat) in the short term if you aren’t paying attention to the nutritional value of what you eat you will get nowhere. We teach you how to eat local, eat seasonal and still eat very tasty food!

When it comes to workouts, you need a training plan and not a string of random workouts. We understand your goals, your medical history, your current skill and abilities before we prescribe a training plan for you. You can’t download workouts and just do them, we tell you exactly what you need to do keeping YOU in mind.

“I have crazy job shifts but this programme was so easy to follow despite that.”

– Malavika, Singapore

How can you work with The Quad, virtually?

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fitter, fix your nutrition, build strength or simply just start leading a healthier life, The Quad can guide you towards a method that works for YOU. If your methods are unsustainable, your results will be unsustainable. Whether you prefer to work in groups or 1-on-1, we’ve got you covered!

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