What is QuadPlay?

QuadPlay is a fun fitness experience designed for kids, between the ages of 6 – 14 years, that helps them become stronger, smarter and happier adults by building a solid foundation for the future.

The programme is designed to improve your child’s movement patterns, build stronger bones and muscles, improve athletic performance if they play a sport and help your child enjoy the pursuit of an active body and mind without compromising on fun.

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Why does your child need QuadPlay?

Children today do not grow up in the same environment as we did when we were younger. They have way more exposure to junk food, tech devices, pollutants and allergens than ever before. Kids are moving lesser, eating more of what they shouldn’t and falling sick more often. QuadPlay aims to change this equation, by building stronger, smarter and happier kids by exposing them to the joy of exercise, movement and play.

Who is it for?

QuadPlay is designed especially for kids between the ages of 6 and 14. Kids younger than the age of 6 don’t need structured activity and can/should play outdoors. Children above the age of 14 qualify for The Quad’s BootCamp. Either way, start ’em young and raise them strong!

The Little Ones (6-10 years old)

Kids need a physical and mental space to express themselves and that’s what we’ll give them. We’ll teach them how to move using games and sports, focus on coordination, proprioception and team work and help them get comfortable with their bodies from the earliest stage of development.

The Slightly-Older Ones (11-14 years old)

We will set a foundation for their healthy future here with more structure and guidance. We will work with each child equipping them with the set of building blocks they require for a healthier tomorrow and the rest of their lives. Their coaching will be a combination of sport, calisthenics, strength training and agility.

How does QuadPlay benefit your child?

  • Better movement patterns, stronger bones and muscles
  • Complements athletic/sport performance, be it swimming, football, basketball etc.
  • Increase in appetite and improved sleep
  • Better immunity, falling sick less often
  • Improved alertness and attention span
  • Fun, fun and more fun – you won’t need to force your kids to attend class, because they’ll love coming back every time!

We prioritise fun and safety

Different from one another – the kind of movements they learn, the team activities they do and the tools they use will be varied to keep their interest levels spiked and urge them to think outside the box. The classes are conducted with the same professionalism, personal attention and precaution that The Quad is now known for. Our team of qualified, certified coaches will be there at all times as your child’s coach, mentor and friend. You’ll never hear your kids moaning about class, because they’ll want to keep coming back for more!

And bring attention to nutrition

Our certified nutrition coaches will conduct interactive sessions with you and your kids, to educate you on better eating habits. By educating them, we help them make more informed food choices as they grow up in this world filled with processed junk food!

Location  – QuadPlay @ Gandhi Nagar (map), next door to the Gandhi Nagar cricket ground. 


QuadPlay – Duration, Structure & Pricing

6-9 year olds – Tuesday + Thursday + Saturday @ 4:45 – 5:45pm

10-14 year olds – Monday + Wednesday + Friday @ 4:45 – 5:45pm

Priced at Rs. 15,000 + GST for 3 months (or) Rs. 6,500 + GST per month (for 3 classes a week)


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