Personal Training (1-on-1)

What is The Quad’s Personal Training service like?

An opportunity for you to train 1-on-1 virtually with one of The Quad’s certified, best-in-class and experienced coaches! Your programme is designed completely based on your goals and special requirements. Sessions will be conducted online and if you are based out of Chennai, the sessions can be in-person (under certain conditions*) as well, with all hygiene precautions in place to ensure safety of both you and your coach.

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10-week individualised nutrition coaching program

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Who is it for?

This is for you if:

☑ You have a very specific goal and/or have very special requirements, what you need is a completely personalised programme that is designed for YOU and not something off the shelf.

☑ Group classes and open gyms do not work for you, and you would like 100% of your coach’s attention for the entire duration of a session.

☑ You want a certain degree of flexibility to schedule/reschedule your session because of your tight work schedule or packed schedule at home.

☑ You feel you can’t workout without very personalised supervision.

☑ You prefer complete privacy when you workout and would like your coach to be guiding you and you alone for the entirety of the session.

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How does it work?

Set up a FREE consultation call with a senior coach.

We will have an in-depth discussion of your requirements (e.g.: long-term health, injury/pain recovery etc), your fitness goals and finalise the same.

Choose your preferred coach based on seniority and gender (subject to availability).

Your chosen coach will set up a call to finalise a mutually acceptable schedule.

The Quad PT Model

  • The Quad PT program offers two flexible models: The 3-sessions per week program and the 2-sessions per week program, where the duration of each session is one hour.
  • Our 3-sessions/week program offers 13 sessions/month, while the 2-sessions/week program includes 9 sessions/month. Pay conveniently after attending 13 or 9 sessions respectively.


1 on 1 coaching with a Trainer/Senior trainer
(Backend assistance from a senior coach)

2 Hours a week

3 Hours a week

INR 17500/- plus GST 18% per month

INR 25000/- plus GST 18% per month

1 on 1 coaching with an Assistant coach

2 Hours a week

3 Hours a week

INR 22000/- plus GST 18% per month

INR 32000/- plus GST 18% per month

1 on 1 coaching with a Senior coach

2 Hours a week

3 Hours a week

INR 28000/- plus GST 18% per month

INR 40000/- plus GST 18% per month


Pre Natal - Post Partum

1 hour a week (4 classes a month)2 Hours a week
INR 9600/- plus GST 18% per monthINR 17500/- plus GST 18% per month

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