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Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching The Quad’s INDIVIDUALISED Nutrition Coaching service will help you fix your relationship with food, for life. This 10-week nutrition coaching program is designed to help you achieve your health goals by fast tracking your way to sustainable nutrition. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or become healthy, through this […]

Virtual Bootcamp

The QuadVirtual BootCamp Now taking our state-of-the-art coaching expertise to Indians across the globe! Virtual training of all forms is here to stay, and 300+ Indians across the world choose The Quad for our coaching experience that is relatable, result-oriented and the most fun you can have in any online programme! What Is The QuadVirtual […]


Careers Does helping people in fundamental ways that transform their lives appeal to you?Do you truly care about inspiring people to be the change they wish to see?Are you someone who wonders if fitness is your true calling?Are you someone who has always been interested in sports or an active lifestyle and want to share […]


Testimonials Whether it is The Quad’s BootCampTM in Chennai or QuadVirtual for people all over the world, we’ve worked with 7000+ people everyday in 4 locations inside Chennai, and across 25+ cities worldwide, helping them fall in love with fitness, strength and the pursuit of health. Take a few minutes to go through this page […]

About The Bootcamp

What is the The Quad’s BootCamp™ “If you want something different to happen, do something different.” The Quad’s BootCamp™ is an outdoor fitness experience like no other. Founded in 2011, it is designed to be a whole lot of fun, while giving you everything you need to become the fittest version of yourself. Having worked […]

Which One Builds Muscle Faster Free Weights Or Machines?

The machines versus free weights debate has been the hottest yet unresolved discourses in the fitness industry. This debate has lingered for so long dividing the industry into purest who believe in free weight training and those who have embraced mechanical advancements in weight training tools. Let’s be honest. We too as amateurs have been […]

Getting back to exercise after a long-ish break?

Breaks from training are inevitable for most of us. A few hard days in life or a work trip or vacation will also keep us away from training for a week or two. What one needs following such breaks is simply a gradual ramp up back to previous levels of intensity and volume. But what about longer breaks? What about after a hiatus that lasted a few months as a result of injury or sickness or plain laziness? Here is how you get back to training…

Snack Attack – All You Need To Know About Snacking

Habitual. Spontaneous. Stressed. Compulsive. Emotional. Indifferent. Serial. Whichever ‘type of snacker’ you may label yourself as, it all comes down to your mindset. We all know that snacking on junk food is “bad”. Yet now that it is so prolific, we’ve reached a level of complete insensitivity to what we are actually snacking on and […]

The Low Down on Low Carb and Keto Diets – Is It For You?

The past couple of years has seen a slow but steady rise in the “low carb” or “keto” phenomenon. Every other person you know seems to have experimented with it, or absolutely swears by it for fat loss and health. Add this to the overabundance of information and images of “shredded” selfies taking over the internet with #thatlowcarblife. Does this mean it is the right fit for you?