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Arvind Ashok

Being the most unfit kid on his sports teams, and while discreetly piling on the kilos over the years, Arvind’s frustration towards achieving a fitter life had led him to (like many others) go down the traditional paths of “weight loss”, only to see no results. Finally, not only did he find the right path, but more importantly also found fun and passion in the process. And this is the philosophy he preaches to his clients and followers, helping them find their path to sustainable, life-long fitness and health.

Arvind is a StrongFirst Girya, and a certified nutrition coach. His journey began with self-experimentation, his highly-followed blog, ArvFit, and hours and hours of research.

An athlete himself, he has trained for and competed in Olympic triathlons, marathons and is also a club-level ultimate frisbee player in Chennai. He trains both professional athletes and others across sports such as long-distance running, triathlon racing, swimming, cricket, Ultimate frisbee and racquet sports, helping them to be injury-free and at the peak of their performance. He has worked with India’s first ever national women’s Ultimate Frisbee team as fitness coach, and continues to train many of them in their athletic pursuits till today.

As one of our head coaches, he loves the experience of working with folks new to training, and the challenge of working with advanced athletes. Arvind’s approach to coaching is to get people to be more intuitive about themselves and their training – getting them to listen to their bodies and do what feels right. He gets trainees to focus on the mental facets of training, and not just the physical ones.

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Raj Ganpath

Having lived a lazy childhood with no exercise or sport and having followed that up with a diseased teenage and unfit early twenties, Raj made a life changing decision to become healthy and fit. From that day until today he lives and breathes health and fitness. He serves as a motivator, coach, friend and teacher for thousands of people helping them lead better lives.

Raj is a certified fitness and nutrition coach who is also certified in senior fitness, Hardstyle Kettlebell training, functional training, olympic lifting (CrossFit) and biomechanics.

Raj is also an active public speaker who busts myths and challenges people to change the way they think about nutrition and fitness. As a frequently invited speaker and chief guest, he frequently addresses hundreds of health and fitness enthusiasts at various corporates, educational institutions and Rotary chapters.

As one of our head coaches who runs entry level, specialty and advanced classes, he takes training very seriously but is also very approachable and is always looking to help. He is a stickler for good technique, has a knack for safely pushing you beyond your comfort zone and runs a real tight ship when he coaches.

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The Quad Squad

A few years back, The Quad was two people trying to make a dozen people fitter. Today, the Quad Squad is a sizeable team of passionate and driven trainers focused on transforming thousands of lives.

Whether it is an HR professional who found his calling in fitness or a film maker who decided that she wanted to guide people to lead healthier lives, many of our trainers have made the switch from their previous careers after realizing that fitness and coaching is their true calling.

While all our trainers are certified, the Quad Squad is a lot more than just certifications. It is about dedicated individuals who work hard every session, every day and every quarter to help our clients progress on their fitness and health goals, get fitter, stronger and move better.

Different People. Different Backgrounds. Different Stories. One Passion.  To redefine fitness.

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