1. I’m a complete beginner to any kind of workouts – will this be a good fit for me?

Absolutely yes! Almost 80% of our community started out at the beginner level. We have dedicated 2 weeks of Foundations Coaching in place to help you master the basics. During this time, you will be training in a closed setup with 1 coach coaching 4-5 students only, in one batch.

2. I already workout elsewhere and have some experience – will this be a good fit for me?

Yes again! Wherever you’ve worked out in the past, The Quad helps you truly level up. We’ll ensure we get a chance to finetune your basic movement patterns before you start doing more challenging workouts. If you already have some experience this will be quicker for you and if you don’t need it at all, we’ll scale our workouts in a way to ensure it is challenging enough for all skill levels.

3. What is the age limit for this training?
Anyone aged between 13-65 years can be a part. We’ll talk to you about your injuries, medical history, and surgeries (if any) before we begin working with you. If you are currently injured, we would need you to consult our in-house physiotherapist before you are cleared to begin training.

4. Will there be any diet and nutrition-related support?

Yes! Nutrition is an integral part of ensuring you see the results you are looking for. We provide nutritional guidance and support, and you can also upgrade to working personally with a nutrition coach at any point during your membership. We also frequently conduct challenges for our members to develop healthier eating and lifestyle habits. These are usually a great way to get started!

5. How are the classes conducted?

Our classes are conducted both virtually (online) and in-person. Our physical centers where our in-person training happens are at Alwarpet, Adyar, and Velachery.

Virtually via live interactive classes conducted via the Zoom platform. None of the sessions are pre-recorded. Your training will be monitored in real-time by our coaches.

6. Can kids join The Quad’s training programmes?

Yes! Kids benefit greatly from exercise and building strength. With kids not being able to play outdoors like before, it’s important they get some form of exercise. If your child is 10+ years old, they can certainly train with us. The point of this will be for them to enjoy movement, not just weight loss. We will do an assessment before they begin, just like for everybody else.

7. What’s the minimum period I need to sign up for?

All our base level memberships are 3-month programs, to begin with. We don’t believe monthly memberships serve any purpose because it’s important to try it out for at least 12 weeks before understanding how it can help you. It gives you a chance to truly experience what we offer and we also get to know you better.

8. Do you have any prerequisites for one to join this program?
Yes. You should not have any existing injury while joining us. In case you do, we will be connecting you to our in-house physiotherapist for a quick assessment to figure out your eligibility to join.

The Quad @ Chennai :

1. What are the time slots available?

Mon-Wed-Fri or Tue-Thu-Sat at 5,6, and 7 AM or 6, and 7 PM (availability of slots differs from center to center).

2. Do I have to stick to a particular batch on a particular day?

Yes, you will be registered to a specific batch. However, you can always talk to your coach(es) if you need a change of batch or are unable to make it on a particular day.

3. What equipment do I need?

None. All equipment is provided at the centers.

4. What is the frequency of classes?

Thrice a week on alternate days. If you would like to attend more classes, please speak to your coach regarding the same.

5. What are the charges?

INR 18000 plus GST for a period of 12-weeks. If you would like to sign up for longer, we can offer you the same as well – our long term memberships are priced competitively and most of our members use the same.

QuadVirtual :

1.What are the timings available?

Morning: 5, 6, 7, 8 AM
Evening: 6, 7.15 PM

2. Do I have to stick to a particular batch on a particular day?

No, you can log into any session at your convenience without having to pre-book a session. That said, we recommend that you stick to a scheduled timing so that you give yourself structure and it becomes a habit.

3. What equipment do I need?

For Bodyweight training, no equipment is needed. If you would like to attend the kettlebell-based training as well, you would need to buy them. You can do so after consulting with a coach. You will be coached on all kettlebell basics before you begin using them in the main classes.

4. What is the frequency of classes?

The classes are conducted 6 days a week (Sunday off). You can pick Unlimited classes, 3 classes a week or, 2 classes a week based on your convenience.

5. What are the charges?

Quarterly memberships start at 9K plus GST.

6. Do you offer any trial sessions?

A trial session can be arranged for you on request.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching :

1. How much weight can I lose in 10-weeks?

It varies as per your health specifics, and your goal. Our goal is to help you develop a sustainable eating pattern that will not only help you lose weight but also feel energetic and healthier overall.

2. How can I continue my nutrition once the program gets over?

After the program, the coach will advise you on how to continue with the next phase of your fitness journey. They will share tips and tricks specific to you for weight loss maintenance and strength training progression.

3. Do I need to look for exotic veggies and ingredients while I’m on this program?

No, we only recommend sustainable meal plans that you can follow easily with seasonal and easily available ingredients. The point is to

4. I have a specific medical condition- Like PCOS or diabetes. Will this program help with that?

Yes, the program is personalized as per your medical conditions and goal.

5. How do you track my progress?

You are given access to a tracker tool. Besides that, the coach expects you to send your weight and Waist measurements on a weekly basis without fail.

6. How do I track my calorie intake?

You will be guided to measure your meals in measures that are easily available. We don’t prescribe calorie counting or extensive food logging. We help you understand food in a way that’s sustainable and how you can use it as a positive tool to achieve your fitness goals.

7. Are your coaches certified?

Yes. They have had their own fitness journey and hence understand how it feels to be in one. They are Certified and experienced nutritionists. You can read more about them here.

8. Do I get guidance on fitness activities as well?

Yes, we do provide you with a workout/activity plan and some ideas and guidelines on what can be done.